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Posted by Evelyn Leite on 09/26/2022

Navigating Change When You Feel Powerless

I know what it is to feel powerless in the face of oppression and feel as if there is no way out.” Evelyn Leite 

This interview addresses how change is difficult for most of us. Leite shares that this is especially true when life, like hers, was full of crisis, unpredictability and a home filled with intense difficulty, trouble and danger.

Discover how Evelyn rose out of anxiety, depression and alcoholism in the family, including an abusive husband, to find hope and stability in God. 

“The greatest challenge for all of us is to learn how to protect ourselves from our own fear and confusion, which often leads to unhealthy or unwise reactions. It may surprise you to know that our brain can only think of one thing at a time and what we put into it is what comes out of it,” says Leite.

“I sympathize with the lonely adult caretakers of ill or disabled spouses who are isolated from people who could help them. I worry about children and spouses who are helplessly sequestered in a home with an abusive parent or mate who have no ability to protect themselves. Because I know what it is to feel powerless in the face of oppression and feel as if there is no way out. My former negative experiences with drugs and alcohol, anxiety and abuse, loneliness and grief, confusion and desperation, taught me to call on God to help me navigate the narrow channels of healthy choice and to settle on a course of action that would empower me and glorify His name. God has helped me understand that my survival depends on structure and predictability, and He has taught me that while I cannot predict what anyone else will do, I can predict what I will do to make it through chaos one day at a time while leaning on His word and His energy.”

Navigating Change When You Feel Powerless


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