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Posted by Gaye Lindfors on 07/30/2017

God, Girlfriends & Chocolate

Laugh. Cry. And connect with the humorous and bittersweet life experiences found in God, Girlfriends, & Chocolate, stories written by real women to offer real encouragement to you.

Gaye reflects on experiences that have shaped her life, not afraid to poke fun at her own mishaps! Several girlfriends join her, describing the joys and challenges of living authentic lives of faith, fully responsive to God’s love and faithfulness.

With each breath you take, word you utter, and connection you make, you’re writing a unique story as well. Some days, you appreciate the way the chapter’s unfolding. Other days, you’d probably give away your last piece of chocolate to assume someone else’s life story.

Discover the joy of inviting God, girlfriends, and chocolate into your story!

God, Girlfriends & Chocolate