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Posted by Deb Copeland on 09/19/2019

Face to Face with God

"In a time when far too many of us wrestle daily with painful scars from emotional, psychological, and physical hurts of the past, Deb and Janice have written an incredibly important and powerful book that can serve as a key to unlocking the door to peace, hope and true healing for many. Written in a format that is a welcome respite from the typical "quick-fix" books of the day, these two wonderful women grant us the privilege of "listening in" on their deeply personal conversations as they journey into their painful pasts, into the very depths of their hearts, and eventually into a place of hope and healing. We were never meant to shoulder the burdens of past hurts on our own. Face to Face does a marvelous job of helping us see how deeply detrimental trying to do so can be to virtually every aspect of our lives. Ultimately, as Deb and Janice unpack their own incredible stories of abuse, betrayal, guilt, addiction and recovery, you'll be introduced to the practical process of placing these burdens on the shoulders of the One who can truly take them for good - Jesus Christ! In a time of great need, Face to Face is a must read. Read it and be changed forever!" 

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Face to Face with God


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