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Posted by Elizabeth Clamon on 08/12/2018

Beautifully Broken

Even though we can’t choose the adversities that come against us, we can choose how we let them effect us. We choose to let them make us better or bitter. We can choose to heal, then use these adversities to teach us, help us grow, and let God use us them to help others. 


      Are you Broken?

Elizabeth shares the story of her humble beginnings and the events in her early childhood that began her brokenness. How stress effects you, even pre-birth, and how she chose not to let the brokenness define her. 

The First Major Crack

      Do you have fractures? 

Elizabeth shares her questions and frustration of not knowing who her father was. How she ask and was rejected time and time again until she finally could not live with the lies any longer. When she finally confronted her mother with her need for answers the reaction was something she could not have imagined.

Beautifully Broken