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Posted by Suellen Estes on 01/07/2018

30 Days: Read The Bible Through In A Year

Suellen Estes says, If you want to know God, read His book. if you want to know Him well, read all of it!

30 Days: Read The Bible Through In A Year is a 12 part series of daily readings which takes you through the Bible in one year. Each day, Suellen leads you through the Old and New Testament readings and comments on each one.

So many people take scriptures out of context and attempt to make doctrine based on distorted views. Suellen takes all of those puzzle pieces and assembles them so that we can see the big picture God wants us to see.

You will see the thread of God's never-changing plan from the beginning to end. You will see the power of God's love and faithfulness through the course of hundreds of years. And most importantly, You will see Jesus at the center of all that transpired between God and man throughout those centuries.

Your understanding will grow, your faith will grow, and your love for your Creator will grow as you read these editions.

30 Days: Read The Bible Through In A Year