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Posted by Karen McCracken on 10/06/2023

28 Days of P.M.S. - Praising My Savior

28 Days of Praising My Savior  - with joy, laughter and gladness!

There is probably no other time period in a woman’s life when her emotions carry her from anger to apathy; joy to jealousy or peace to panic more rapidly than the 28 days of highs and lows in the Pre-Menstrual Cycle.  And for those of you who have already hit instantaneous menopause via that hysterectomy or who are already there due to God’s natural physical path for our bodies, you can attest to the fact that with menopause also comes similar hormonal changes, hot-flashes, cravings and emotional roller coasters.  So, in order to take you on a journey of praise in the midst of some of your highest highs and lowest lows, I’ve written this humorous, heartfelt devotional titled “28 Days of PMS - Praising My Savior”.

28 Days of P.M.S. - Praising My Savior


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