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Posted by: Lynnette Appling, MSHRM, PHR on 12/28/2015


Why do single women think about being married all of the time? Why are women so desperate to find a husband? Why do we believe finding a Boaz is the answer to our mental, spiritual and financial problems? What is our true purpose for living? 

 This teaching about Boaz gives new insight to why women think the way they do. Taken from the international book “The Heart of A Women”, Lynnette meticulously teaches and identifies the spirit of a true Boaz as well as reveals the counterfeit spirit. 

In this teaching you will learn…. 

 The Characteristics of a Boaz Spirit… 

The revelation of Mahlon and Chillon.. 

 What is the real prize… 

Why are women in a state of famine... 

 What is a principality…and much more. 

 Don’t miss this incredible teaching and revelation of Boaz. You will never think or feel the same way again!

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