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Michelle Padgett

Christian Speaker

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Fearless conqueror, courageous overcomer, victorious leader.

Fearless conqueror, courageous overcomer, victorious leader.

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More About Michelle Padgett

A fearless conqueror, courageous overcomer, and victorious leader.

I believe every single person deserves the right to break the chains that hold them back and walk in complete freedom.

As the Founder and Leader of Redemptive Fire Ministries International, I am passionate about releasing deep inner healing, physical healing and deliverance to all. My purpose in life is to see people free to discover the fullness of their True Identity and Divine Destiny of Self.

My journey has been far from easy, but I am proud to be a victorious overcomer. Throughout my life, I have battled decades of all types of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and many other setbacks in my life journey.

Whew! I know that’s a lot. As you can imagine, these grueling experiences were painful and felt unbearable at times, but my experiences ultimately showed me my heart’s true desire. 

Today, I am passionate about helping other women, teens, children and men to break the chains of silence, break their destructive patterns of all forms of domestic and sexual abuse and to be “set free”. Here’s the truth: these vicious cycles have plagued our lives, children, families, churches, schools and every aspect of our society. That's why I believe we must break these cycles to see a more positive and fulfilled world.

My life goal and legacy, that I choose to live by and to lead, is to teach people how to discover the beautiful treasures that are inside of them. I also want you to learn to embrace yourself and love who God created you to be! Additionally, I want to spread this powerful message of LOVE so you can look into the eyes and hearts of others and find their hidden gems and treasure. I believe together, we can all unite and change the world by the true power of LOVE!

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