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Michelle Butler

Christian Speaker
Pompano Beach Florida 33060

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We are created to reflect the glory of God and, since the main goal in seeking an identity outside of Christ is to bring glory to ourselves, we will never find lasting fulfillment apart from him."

We are created to reflect the glory of God and, since the main goal in seeking an identity outside of Christ is to bring glory to ourselves, we will never find lasting fulfillment apart from him."

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Position Christian Woman Speaker
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
United States

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  • 1976
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More About Michelle Butler

Michelle was born and raised in Kentucky, and met the love of her life, Dale at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University in Ohio. They married after she graduated with a degree in Psychology and Christian Education, and began their adventure together with Dale chasing after a dream of becoming an audio engineer in Nashville and MIchelle working to make that dream come true.  While Michelle devoted her spare time to working with teen girls,  Dale traveled around the world. Two baby boys later in 1998, Dale could no longer ignore the tug in his heart guiding him on a new pursuit that landed him and Michelle in full-time youth ministry in Denver, Colorado.Over the next 6 years, Dale and Michelle were blessed with a baby girl and incredible days of ministering to teenagers full time. Always a heart for worship and music, Michelle helped build a teen worship band and small group ministry to girls. This led him to the their adventure in church planting. After a year of transition and planning, Faith Venture Church launched Easter, 2005, where Michelle led worship and women's ministries.In 2007, life took an unexpected turn when Dale was in an accident that almost took his life and sent he and Michelle down some rough roads that challenged all that they had put faith into. The next several years brought about painful times yet their love for each other and their faith in God held strong and brought to them healing and an even greater understanding of the grace and love of God.

June of 2011, Michelle and her family packed up again for a new adventure in re-launching Life Community Church in Corvallis, Oregon where they helped a hurting church heal as they healed themselves.  After almost 7 years of ministry in Corvallis and the empty nest was fast approaching, they felt God was moving them on to help another church.  Currently, Michelle is the Worship and Communications Pastor alongside her Lead Pastor/Husband in Pompano Beach, Florida bringing an older church new mission and passion.

Michelle is a gifted speaker with the unique ability to connect with a multi-generational audience. Using God’s Word and a passion for sharing how the Holy Spirit has transformed her in her own painful experiences.  Michelle will encourage your spirit, challenge your thinking and bring hope to your life.

Her own words-

When I stopped allowing anything else but Christ define me, my life changed.  Yet with every twist and turn, it has become the very fight of my life.  As scary as it is, I have been called to share my story and what God has taught me in His Word. For us women it is an easy trap to allow someone or something that happens to us determine our worth and identity.  I enjoy creating, writing, reading, music, singing, staying fit, dates with my husband, sunsets and spontaneous adventures with my family when we can all be together.  I am so proud of my kids.  One son is in the Navy, another son is finishing up at FSU to be commissioned as an officer in the Army May 2020 and my brave daughter is in her 3rd year at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN.  My dream job would be to encourage women using my experiences and God's Word via retreats, conferences, etc.  God is prompting me be open to more opportunities now that my children are "launching". "