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Leslie Schonfeld Recommendations

Submitted by LakePoint Community Church on 08/20/2018

Sarah Pehrson Women's Ministry Leader

On Topic

Leslie is always well prepared with personal stories to help drive home Biblical truths in a clear way. I appreciate how she tends to work in her God given passion for science because it always points to the care God takes with the details.

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Vonda Tollefson

We had Leslie speak at our women’s retreat and she was wonderful to get to know.  She did 3 sessions and she was very knowledgeable on the topic of the sessions.  You used personal experience to help us relate better with the information she gave us.  I would love to hear her speak again.

Submitted by Inspire Church Women’s Retreat on 03/12/2024

Pastor Larry Hayward, Associate Pastor

Leslie is passionate when she speaks, communicating her points very clearly. She gave one of the best Mother’s Day messages I have ever heard this May. I enjoy listening to her messages and highly recommend her as a speaker

Submitted by Christ The King Church on 12/01/2023

Erika Hale, Client Service Coordinator

"Leslie, I really wanted to thank you for talking to our group last Tuesday. You have no idea what a small thing like a 30 minute teaching can do for a person. I came home refocused, renewed in my spirit and ready to give in to God's will and forget my own."

Submitted by Oxford Pregnancy Center on 06/07/2023

Stephanie Hover, Founder And CEO

“Leslie is dynamic! She has a passion for teaching, specifically to women. Leslie encourages them by igniting a fire within their souls to run after the Lord Jesus Christ, who loves them and desires a relationship with them. I personally am challenged and encouraged by Leslie every time I have the privilege to hear her speak. She is a blessing to many.”

Submitted by Christian Women Alive on 01/31/2023

Sarah Pehrson, Women's Ministry Leader

Pastor Leslie has spoken on multiple occasions at our Women's events and our services, since we are blessed to attend our home church together. Most recently, my WM and I attended her mentoring class that walked us through her Legacy Workbook. Leslie's genuine care for each of us in the class and her passion for connecting generations was even more evident in our weekly discussions. I recommend this workshop for your own WM volunteers, leaders and those interested in learning more about living the life of a mentor!

Submitted by Lake Point Community Church on 06/22/2022

Lisa Marie Fredericks

The Mentoring class was excellent. Very applicable for todays culture and different age groups. Her personal experiences helped to gain understanding where she was coming from and made her real.

Submitted by Lakepointe Womens Leadership on 04/18/2022

Debbie Somerville

LOVED the class! So informative…had no idea that specific characteristics define generations…very helpful in understanding people of all ages. Highly recommend this class and Pastor Leslie’s book and workbook.

Submitted by Lakepointcc on 04/18/2022

Heidi Scribner

She tells beautiful stories of her experiences that will make you laugh and cry. Somewhere in between, she shares profound wisdom that could have an impact on our world and the future, if we let it. There is healing, gentle correction and restoration in her words and when you walk away, you are better than who you were before. Why and how she does all this is simple, she let's God teach her and speak through her. Generations will rise up and call her blessed simply because she is who God created her to be. I am encouraged and inspired by this lovely lady!

Submitted by Oxford Community Theater on 12/07/2021

Elizabeth Ohman, Bible Teacher

Leslie is an engaging, spirited speaker, passionate for her Lord, and well- versed in her favorite topic of mentoring!

Submitted by Our Hebraic Heritage on 06/19/2021

Denise Perry - Womens Retreat Director

Leslie did a 60-minute breakout session entitled “Shame is Not My Name”. This was a heavily attended breakout for so many of us can identity with experiences revolving around the subject of shame. She was authentic and genuine as she talked about how we all wrestle with our own thoughts.
Shame can often creep in when we are reminded of our past, whether it is something we have done, something that we should have done, or something that was done to us. In life, we must learn to sort the truth from the lies. Leslie’s biblical knowledge allowed her to share scripture and teach us about the gift Jesus brings when He declares that we are free. She gave women tools to keep the lies in our head “at bay” and the truth that Jesus Christ offers in the center of our mind. Leslie was a joy to partner with and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Submitted by Springhill Experiences on 10/17/2019

SaraBeth Campagiorni, Owner/Director

Leslie is one of the best teachers/ speakers I have the pleasure to listen and learn from. She has a way of drawing you in, capturing your attention and shedding a new light on things you may have already studied. She’s a delight to be around and if you give her a little time, she’ll have you laughing at how much joy there is in our journey with God but also have you reflecting on how much God loves all of us. I would highly recommend her to speak and teach anywhere, any time and on just about any subject.

Submitted by Yarah Homeschool Services on 06/19/2019

Cathy Podvin

Leslie shared a message at our annual Ladies Luncheon that was based in scripture, interesting, and memorable. She shared stories to illustrate how every woman can SOAR! You need to invite Leslie to your next outing to hear her special message.

Submitted by Meadowbrook Christian Church on 05/15/2019

Patty Mudd Lead Associate Pastor

Leslie, was amazing at known our audience! Our evening had a wide range of women. From seasoned christians to ladies that have never attended a church service. She was warm, friendly and inviting. She took time to understand the topic and made sure she knew our goals. We we blessed by Leslie.

Submitted by Bay Valley Christian Church on 02/21/2019

Pastor Andrea Holt

Leslie is an engaging speaker! She draws you in with a warm welcome and relatible experiences. Her stories are full of the things that make life “real” but also prove to us God’s unfailing love. Leslie’s heart to mentor and to encourage has won her the love and loyalty of many.

Submitted by Lakepoint Church on 08/20/2018

Emily Gehman

Leslie is a gifted teacher and speaker; she genuinely and authentically shares what God has shown her through Scripture and throughout her own story. Her passion for mentoring is evident in how she loves others so deeply. You'll be encouraged and inspired.

Submitted by Storytelling Coach on 07/26/2018

Mrs. Julie Prantera - professional development coordinator

Mrs. Leslie Schonfeld does an amazing job. Our school had her come speak to us on mentoring and she really hit a homerun. We were encouraged as she shared the Word of God with regard to mentoring and walking out our faith with our students K-12. She was engaging, funny and inspiring! We highly recommend her.

Submitted by Oakland Christian School on 07/25/2018

Pastor Bob Holt, Senior Pastor

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Leslie Schonfeld and her husband David for over twenty years. Over those years I’ve had the pleasure of sitting under Leslie’s teachings many times. She is clearly a gifted and knowledgeable teacher of God’s Word. Leslie is certainly capable of teaching on Women’s issues, but her abilities go far beyond any single spectrum. Her teachings often illustrated by her personal experiences result in a highly engaging presentation. I strongly recommend her to you as a speaker.

Submitted by Christ The King Church on 01/14/2016