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Vicki Taylor Recommendations

Submitted by Orangewood Church, PCA on 09/12/2016

Kaye Morningstar, Administrative Assistant

On Topic

Vicki Taylor is a very gifted, talented, engaging speaker who knows her Bible and loves God's Word and His people. She brings the wisdom of God and God's story He is telling through her own life experiences that connect us to His amazing love. She is authentic and very relatable with a enthusiasm that can only come from a knowing a compassionate and loving God. Women's Ministry at Orangewood has been richly blessed with her teachings and we always look forward to hearing her each time.

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Beverly Matos, Women's Ministry Coordinator

Vicki is a skillful, transparent, engaging communicator with a powerful, memorable message. I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker.

Submitted by Village View Community Church on 04/25/2024

Janet Hearn

Ms Vicki was a great speaker for our Ladies Seminar at Cooper's Chapel Church. She is a very sweet ladies. I had several ladies tell me they enjoyed hearing her speak.

Submitted by President Of Ladies Ministry Ccc on 01/18/2022

Beth Filston

Vicki is grounded in theology and biblical truths. Her message is both personal and powerful . She led the women of our church using her personal journey to bring us to the hope we have in Christ. Vicki is an excellent communicator and speaker.

Submitted by First Presbyterian Church on 08/31/2021

Debbie Cooper

Vicki spoke at our 23rd annual Ladies Conference on 2/29/20. I thought she was an outstanding speaker, kept ladies attention and shared her faith, personal testimony and the tragedy in her personal life. She shared how God helped her to overcome her pain, heartache, depression and grief, and delivered her from the pits of despair. God used her and I believe He will continue to bless her ministry. I highly recommend Vicki if you are looking for a Christian speaker.

Submitted by Coopers Chapel Church - Quitman, Ms 39355 on 03/07/2020


Vicki has a gift for speaking. She is strong in her faith and has experienced much pain while leaning on the Lord to help her through. She has a wonderful sense of humor as well.

Submitted by Fpc on 04/27/2017

Elizabeth Mitchum, Director Christian Education

Vicki recently spoke at our Women's Retreat. I found her to be real, transparent and engaging. She spoke truth and shared deeply from her experiences and God's redemption in her life.

Submitted by First Presbyterian Church, Thomasville , Ga on 02/01/2017

Sharon Brown

Vicki was our speaker for our Women's Retreat this month (January 2017). She did a fantastic job not only as a speaker, but became a part of our group! Her lesson was dynamic & clear, as well as inspiring & personal. She had just the right amount of personal message relating to scripture & her talk, explained Scripture's history, meaning and application to our lives. So many of us had our eyes opened on studying scripture & its meaning. Vicki delivered three messages & a Sunday morning talk. Each one was meaningful & provided much insight into our lives. Our evaluation forms on our speaker raved about how great she was and how they liked her joining us for ice breakers, evening games, personal conversations with those that needed advice in their spiritual lives. Vicki is an amazing, gracious, caring and dynamic speaker. She will bring so much to your conference, retreat, bible teaching, event. She was truly a blessing to our Retreat. We would have her back in a heartbeat!

Submitted by Northwood Presbyterian Church on 01/30/2017

Kim Justice-Pagliari

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Vicki Taylor speak. Her presentation was well planned and easy to follow. She covered biblical study into our everyday life and struggles. She was funny, genuine, and opened up my heart to a deeper relationship with Christ. I highly recommend her.

Submitted by Npc Women's Retreat Cedarkirk on 01/23/2017

Stephanie Ball

Vicki did a wonderful job speaking to our moms group! She was engaging, personable and encouraging. Her faithfulness and passion for the gospel shined through her message and we were so grateful to spend the morning with her!

Submitted by Northland Moms4moms on 11/11/2015

Jeff Jakes, Senior Pastor

It is with great pleasure that I recommend to you Vicki Taylor as a potential speaker. I have known Vicki for over 10 years and have been her pastor for over 5 years. Vicki is a very godly and talented women that happens to possess an angelic voice! No one in the past several years has provided me with a more clear presentation of the Gospel and the love of Christ than Vicki through her life, ministry, song and story. Vicki has served as an incredible inspiration to me and hundreds of others. She has been through the darkest valley and has been on the highest mountain tops and her life experiences give her the ability to communicate the reality of God's love with power and clarity. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to hear and see first hand of the powerfully redemptive love of Jesus. Vicki Taylor is a "can't miss" candidate for any speaking opportunity.

Submitted by Orangewood Presbyterian Church on 11/02/2015

Ruth Delk, Conference Participant

I lead our women's ministry at our church and we invited Vicki to do our spring retreat. Vicki led us in three sessions and did an excellent job. She was well prepared and was very honest and open as she taught and shared. Everyone could easily relate to her and enjoyed speaking with her after each session. She would do an excellent job speaking in any setting.

Submitted by Ruth Delk, Conference Participant on 11/02/2015

Marla Randolph, Internship Coordinator

I have known Vicki Taylor since 1992, as both friend and co-worker. Vicki speaks with confidence, humor, and passion for our Lord. She has experienced one of life's hardest blows--the death of a child--so she speaks with depth and passion about grief and God's healing power. People are powerfully affected by her speaking on a variety of topics.

Submitted by Marla Randolph, Internship Coordinator on 11/02/2015