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Brandy Hopkins Recommendations

Submitted by Bedford Times Mail on 02/22/2016

Lorna Joyce Mundy, Newspaper columnist, Registered Nurse, retired

On Topic

I have been associated with Brandy in GC3, the group that she co-founded, and as a fellow church member. She is an inspiration to all around her, and especially to the girls in whom she hopes to instill Christian values and to direct down paths leading to worthwhile and fulfilling lives.

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Shayna Pena

Brandy is a positive and motivating individual. It is a joy to watch her minister and share her story to those around her. I have watched her grow and share her love for Christ to various groups. One of her largest ministries is the GC3 program that she helped develop. I have had the pleasure of watching her mentor, motivate, encourage, and share with these impressionable young ladies. Often her words change these young ladies attitudes and shape their futures in an uplifting manner. Her positive attitude makes her speaking fun and engaging. I would highly recommend her for any event.

Submitted by Hoosier Uplands on 12/19/2022

Stephanie Strahl -Coach

I am a member of the local gym and am involved in a program called "The Biggest Loser". I had the pleasure of hearing Brandy speak for the first time last week. I was very touched and blown away by her speech. She definitely has a gift for reaching people. Even though there were over 100 people there, I felt like she was talking directly to me. I left feeling motivated and uplifted!

Submitted by Member Of Everbody's Fitness on 10/28/2021

Leigh Shelton Women's Group Director

Brandy did a great job speaking at our ladies dinner at our church. We had a group of around 80 and everyone was very pleased with her message.

Submitted by Marengo Wesleyan Church on 07/22/2021

Una Kiefner

It is my pleasure to write this letter and recommend Brandy Hopkins to be an inspirational speaker. I have found her to be enthusiastic, organized, and highly creative. She is a lady who listens to others and has insightful views. Her ability to follow through to the end and be thankful to God for the strength to do so has impressed me. For several years she has piloted a weekend gathering for teen girls. She has lead, encouraged, taught, and followed through with them. In return she has found a respect and love from then that has encouraged her also. I believe she will make a powerful speaker to lead others to know Christ and how to manage everyday situations. She uses what God has given her to bring glory to Him. Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about my friend. Una Kiefner

Submitted by Friend on 07/10/2019

Ginger Alvey; Business Manager

I am both a friend and a co-worker of Brandy Hopkins. Brandy is a great person. She is professional in a working environment and very easy to be around, all her co-workers love her. She is open, willing, conversational and very sincere. Brandy is very strong in her faith and I personally love talking with her about it because I feel she is so sincere and would like everyone to celebrate in it! I would highly recommend Brandy in a pursuit of Christ centered spiritual enrichment.

Submitted by Perry County Public Library on 03/16/2016

Sharman Jarboe, Library Assistant

I was privileged to listen to Brandy Hopkins as she addressed a group of about 80 women at a Lenten Breakfast. She was engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking.
We were one attentive group! I believe we all left the meeting feeling positive about ourselves, as well as with much to think and pray about. I highly recommend Brandy as a speaker.

Submitted by Perry County Public Library - Tell City on 03/16/2016

Marty Nicol

I came to know Brandy Hopkins when she moved to our community and church as our pastor's wife. Brandy is a devout Christian and is willing to share her experiences and gifts to witness what God has done in her life. Although she and her family have moved from our community, she has maintained ties by returning every fall to host a conference for junior high/senior high girls, to encourage them in their walk with Christ. Brandy is warm and always has a smile and something encouraging to say to everyone she meets. She is passionate about sharing the gospel wherever she goes!

Submitted by First Baptist Church, Mitchell, In on 03/02/2016

Paul Sanders, Assistant Director

It is an honor for me to recommend Brandy as an inspirational speaker, or for any other endeavor, for that matter. I have not known Brandy long, but it did not take long to know her. She is an articulate woman, and she brings passion and enthusiasm to every thing she does. What is striking is that she tends to make people she comes in contact with want to be a better person. I have not met many people with that gift. She is serious and she is funny. I can easily visualize Brandy inspiring people of all ages; she has a connection with people you simply can't teach.

Submitted by Perry County Public Library on 02/26/2016

Samantha Galey

I would definitely recommend Brandy Hopkins as a public speaker! Brandy is an amazing woman with such a big heart! I believe that she has the power to impact a lot of lives! She definitely has changed my life for the better!

Submitted by N/a on 02/24/2016

Marcy Pedersen

Brandy is a faithful servant of God. She has a big heart, which helps her to love the youth she mentors, the church she serves, her family and friends. Brandy has been schooled through her trials, and always emerges faithful to God and His plan for her life. She would be an excellent speaker for any event, and has a lot to offer your organization or event. I recommend her highly.

Submitted by Marriage And Family Alliance on 02/24/2016

Carolyn Speckman

Brandy is a wonderful wife and mother who has a deep concern for young girls. She created a weekend retreat several years ago that mentors and teaches teen girls about the Christian life and encourages them during a challenging time in their lives. Interest and attendance in the retreat has grown each year. Brandy is also a pastor's wife and mentors other women in her church and community. When Brandy moved to her current home in Tell City, IN she observed the bullying the teens were experiencing in the schools and opened her home each week for young people to meet and talk about the situation. Brandy loves the Lord and her personality shines for Him.

Submitted by Northside Baptist Church on 02/24/2016

Nikki Edrington, Business Owner and Christian Ministries Student

Having both worked with Brandy and been an attendee at her GC3 conferences, I have the utmost trust and faith in Brandy's calling. Her knowledge of the Bible, as well as her distinct ability to discern between truth and lie, is a trait desirable for all Christians. Brandy is an encouraging and relatable speaker who has truly experienced and overcome trials in life. She speaks with bold confidence from the Spirit, is gentle but firm in her words, and is prepared for many different speaking situations.

Submitted by Inspired Hearts Photography on 02/23/2016

Breanne Walsh, President

Brandy is an excellent speaker. She presents with confidence and compassion. Her presentations are well organized and easy to follow.

Submitted by Everbody's Fun & Fitness, Inc on 02/22/2016