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Jean-Ann Cooper Recommendations

Submitted by Women Pursuing God on 04/02/2019

Michele Dudas, Co-Founder

On Topic

The response to this retreat was unprecedented! We sold out a month early as the topics resonated with women of all ages. We had a surprising turnout of younger women, which was confirming that this kind of practical information presented by an authentic and humorous speaker is timely. This is not a typical "Bible study" format, but fashioned through Jean-Ann's life coach lens. We had such overwhelmingly positive feedback that we are repeating the very same event in the fall! Already seeing changes in many women. Not just information. Transformation! An enthusiastic "thumbs up!"

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Lisa Bond, Director of Christian Education

Jean-Ann knows how to connect with women in a powerful and meaningful way. She is an authentic, transparent, giving leader who both encouraged and challenged us all. With a room full of various aged women, she was still able to speak to each of us as she “coached” and inspired us with her message. With so many women struggling with identity and the managing challenges of life, Jean-Ann was the perfect shepherd.

Submitted by First Umc on 03/16/2019

Wendi Best, church member

We were so lucky to have Jean-Ann as speaker for our annual women's retreat. To say that she is a blessing is an understatement. From the first session to the last, Jean-Ann was not only dynamic and engaging, but also real and authentic. She possesses the right mix of humor and compassion and is professional at all times. Perhaps the quality that impressed me the most was her willingness and desire to know and see each one of us. It was evident that Jean-Ann is doing more than just accepting a job as a speaker, she is living out her calling.
Her message of loving ourselves as God loves us and becoming the women that we are called to be is timely and relevant to women of all ages and all backgrounds. She provided detailed instructions and self-reflective exercises to empower us to overcome any and all obstacles on our journey to living authentically and "flawsomely". I emerged from the weekend feeling refreshed, recharged, empowered, and enriched. Thanks for a wonderful weekend!

Submitted by Pensacola Fumc on 03/05/2019

Cindy Crenshaw

We loved Jean-Ann! Her material was relevant, needed & heartfelt. Manyof my ladies gave me positive feedback! She is relatable, approachable & fun to be around.

Submitted by Blessed Beyond Belief on 11/16/2018

Lindsey Simbeye, executive director

Very eloquent and knowledgeable speaker. Able to adjust on the fly and address questions from the audience without hesitation. Dynamic presentation that keeps the audience engaged, with regular biblical reference.

Submitted by Grand Futures Prevention Coalition on 10/01/2018

Leilani Brooks, Women’s Facilitator Regeneration Recovery Ministry, Steamboat Springs, CO

Jean-Ann is an outstanding, motivational, inspirational speaker. I’ve heard her speak on three different occasions, during three very different venues, and she is always on point and Spirit led by each topic and testimony. She is authentic when she speaks and the work that she puts into preparing is evident through her knowledge and confidence. I would highly reccommend Jean-Ann to speak at any event. You will always leave feeling blessed and motivated to change or take action in whatever season your going through in this life!

Submitted by Regeneration Recovery on 09/18/2018

Sue Alexander, Co-Pastor, Adult Ministries

Jean Ann has shared her “Beyond Beauty” presentation twice at the Steamboat Christian Center for over 90! Each time she speaks, she gets another invitation and that is good “fruit”! I have been amazed at how women have furiously taken notes for an hour and a half, and many came a 2nd time with a guest. Her presentation is character, integrity and being true to oneself. She presents with humor, great personal examples all backed up by Scripture. Some women have used her material as daily devotionals, focusing on one character trait per day. We have invited her for a 3rd time, only this time with a revamped message for men! I could not more highly recommend this experience!

Submitted by Steamboat Christian Center on 10/30/2015

Susie Rinn, Teaching Director

I found Jean-Ann Cooper delightful and motivating! Using funny and meaningful stories, Jean-Ann will guide you through her Keys to Irresistible Attraction values and qualities that, when applied, bring an inner beauty, the lasting kind. These character traits, backed by Scriptures, are tools which will help you in your relationships with others, as well as how you treat yourself. They are tools that anchor any successful, joyful life. Jean-Ann is totally committed to helping others reach their potential for the life God intended us to live. I personally enjoyed every minute of listening to her and look forward to her speaking to my Leaders Council for Community Bible Study!

Submitted by Community Bible Study on 10/30/2015

Kay Weinland, Routt County Colorado Clerk and Recorder

I began working with Jean-Ann as a life coach when my personal life was in total disaray. She has lead me through life transforming growth. Our relationship has developed into both a personal friendship and a professional relationship. I have hired her to provide business coaching for businesses I own. In additon I have hired her to provide coaching for individual staff members as well as follow up workshops for two of my departments. I have been totally amazed at the results and have felt she provided services far beyond the expectation. She is a true professional with a huge talent for digging deep and getting results. Her integrity and deep understanding of people brings out the best in her clients and creates amazing results. I would highly recommend Jean-Ann for any business and personal performance coaching. Working with Jean-Ann and getting to know her has been such a blessing in my life!

Submitted by Routt County, Colorado on 10/30/2015