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Pam Jantz

Christian Speaker
Colorado Springs Colorado 80918

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Breathing life into others so they can bloom into their potential.

Breathing life into others so they can bloom into their potential.

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Colorado Springs, CO 80918
United States

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More About Pam Jantz

     Pam Jantz doesn't do ordinary.  Though she has been around church for decades, new perspectives and going deeper is her mantra.  She is an author and a speaker who is passionate about sharing her story to encourage those who struggle with emotional dysfunction, strive to find happiness, and who long to have freedom in their lives.  Growing up in dysfunction and being unhappy from as far back as she can remember, happiness was always a struggle she wrestled with...even into her adult life.  Echoing in her mind were the words of her grandfather, "You were meant to rise to your potential."

     When her world came crashing down, after a 25-year marriage ended in divorce, her brokenness caused her to search for the root cause of her own emotional struggles and how to embrace inner healing.  Her book, Over the Rainbow...From a stormy past to a future full of color, has come out of these personal experiences where she shares her story in an honest and vulnerable way to inspire and bring hope that life doesn't have to stay the same and that you, too, can have emotional healing which in turn leads to uncovering your true purpose.  

      Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Pam has owned and operated multiple businesses over the course of three decades.  She has facilitated many bible studies, worked as the director of Women's Ministries in the local church, organized retreats and has spoken at various women's gatherings, retreats, and small groups.  She has her certifications for the Healing Journey Bible Study (through His Healing Light Ministries), the School of Formational Prayer (through the Healing Care Ministries), and worked with His Gathering Ministries and their work with inner healing prayer. She has also volunteered for such organizations has Mary's Home and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

     Pam resides with her husband, Sheldon, in Colorado Springs and they enjoy renovation projects around the house, hiking, rappelling, and line-dancing.  She also enjoys writing, speaking, encouraging, teaching, praying for others, interior decorating, sewing, and reading about people's journeys and how they overcame their own personal struggles. 

     Pam is the founder of Breathe & Bloom, LLC, where her passion is to breathe life into others so they can bloom into their potential.

Pam Jantz Speaking Topics

Over the Rainbow--From a stormy past to a future full of color

Most of us are familiar with the Wizard of Oz movie and watched it all the time as kids.  Over the Rainbow...From a stormy past to a future full of color is a book I wrote and...

Doing Struggle with Dignity, Not Despair

We all go through struggle.  Sometimes we go through it fine, other times we fight it.  Flowing with struggle and seeing it as a gift is what brings encouragement to our...

Walking Through the Valley of Vulnerability

Brene Brown said it right, "to have wholeness, we must be vulnerable."  Not many like this word much less want to play with it.  But if we are genuinely tired of carrying...

Wrestling with Our Wounds and Winning the War

Traumas trip us up.  Our past sneaks up on us and suddenly we get triggered.  It's embarrassing and seems to be a constant struggle.  We pick at the bandaids on our...

Bullied by Our Behavior No More

Even though we go to church, read our bibles, spend time in prayer, our behavior can trip us up frequently.  Why is this? How can we bring lasting change in our lives?  Learning...

Finding Our Way Home to our True Selves

We all want to know our purpose in life.  We all know we have potential.  But how do we uncover these treasures?  Join me as we dive deeper to discover our true selves,...

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Over the Rainbow, From a stormy past to a future full of color

Rainbows had been impossible to go over...until now.  When sadness is all you see, when it's all you feel, color isn't important.  My unhappy heart couldn't embrace color.  It was too wounded.  Join me on a journey with Dorothy, from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz , and discover when traveling our yellow brick roads, filled with trauma and pain, it is possible to go over the rainbow and master our minds, heal our hearts, find freedom from fear, and receive healing in our lives that we never dreamed possible.  I dreamed of happiness all my life.  Healing my wounds brought...

Posted by Pam Jantz on 11/07/2019

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