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Posted by: Marci Seither on 10/08/2023

Write Your Story

Everyone has a story worth sharing. For the Christian, it is called our testimony, yet, very few have actually written out how the Lord has worked in their lives. 

In today's ever-changing technology-infused world, anyone can YouTube what the dust storms looked like on the Kansas prairies, but hearing what it felt like to tie yourself to the house so you could blindly get to the barn to scoop the dirt out of the cow's nose so it wouldn't suffocate is something that can only be told from someone who lived it. Telling the next generation stories of how people trusted the Lord in the face of the unknown may be the anchor they need to cling to when they can no longer YouTube their way through the storms. 

In the middle east archeologists uncover old cities that have been leveled and built over. Each layer is called a tel. Without sharing our story before we pass away, our lives are very similar, a tell that has been built over and forgotten. 

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.  Dr. Martin Luther King. 

Don't be silent about the things that matter most, faith, family, and the spiritual heritage we leave behind. 

Leave a legacy. Share your story of faith. 

Marci Seither,  Write Your Story,  www.marciseither.com

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