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Posted by: Doreen Hanna on 04/21/2017

Rediscovering Me - reigniting hope in the hearts of women.

Doreen, an international speaker and author, put ministry aside for months to care for her husband Chad, and then saw him enter heaven April 17, 2014.  Within days of his passing, she was wading through the paperwork that required her immediate attention.  Working through the pile she reflected on their 43 years of marriage. Then  she came across a document that required her to check the box of her new status in life "widowed." Fear, panic and anger ignited immediately.  It was the first time she had even thought or been required to address her new position in life. She immediately fell into a heap of tears. Then  cried out, "Lord! The only time I've ever thought of a widow is when I see a black widow spider and I hate them!  But then God...

Would you like to hear the rest of her story?  Then invite Doreen to your next event today and hear how  God encountered her so personally, igniting hope and revealing that he still had a purpose and plan yet for her life. Today, She loves inspiring hope whether her audience is teen girls, women of any age, or widows as she reminds them that they can be or are Daughters of the King  and have free access to the King of Kings, the lover of their soul, the God of all hope.  

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