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Posted by: Laronda Alexander on 08/23/2023

Reconnecting to God Through Healing of Emotional Wounds

Laronda's life looked good on the outside, yet, she was battled with  thoughts she believed Christian woman shouldn't have.  She wondered if something was terribly wrong with her.  However when she reconnected with the love of God she knew as a young girl, things began to change.  She found freedom from the lies of her past and healing for her emotional wounds. 

Whether you are in the depths of despair or desiring a deeper relationship with the Lord, this is for you. Laronda  shares how she and other women have experienced healing from emotional wounds. She provides a step by step approach to help you connect anew with God's welcome mercy, perfect justice, and beautiful faithfulness. Through this connection the veil over your spiritual eyes lifts and you begin to see God, yourselves, and others from a realigned perspective. Instead of reacting out of a broken, unhealed heart you respond from a heart filled with love. 

Testimonies from past attendees:

Helped me let go of anger and bitterness and helped me forgive. I have been delivered from the feeling of hopelessness, depression, anger and anxiety. 

God healed the hole in my heart that lacked mother's love. It is now filled with Christ's love and I have hope for the future.

Helped me forgive my dad for the way he treated me, to forgive those who hurt me, and to forgive myself. 

Taught me that I could go to God and really trust Him with my private feelings. He would understand without judgment, criticism, or bad words. 

It taught me that I am really worth something. My life is now filled with joy and I am able to show love to others. All walls are down and I am able to go to my father God and know His love is real. 

Laronda Alexander, RN

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