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Posted by: Laney Houser on 06/01/2022

Joyful Money Mindset

Heal your relationship with money while you grow your income and wealth so you can truly live the abundant life. Money is the one topic no one talks about but every single one of us do something about it every day what if that something was intentional and joyful?

The Bible talks about money more than any other topic, the wealthiest people in all of history were God's people. Let's have fun look at how you can grow your business and income by changing only your money mindset. The awesome thing about working on your money story and healing your relationship with money is it heals every relationship iny our life...it's the best two for one deal out there.

I teach women how to remove the money trauma so they can truly manifest the abundant life Jesus talks about. No matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise the truly abundant life doesn't exist unless we have are intentional about our money. You really can be spiritual and have lots of money. Let's change the story and allow ourselves to create true abundance!

Laney Houser, MAPS, MACP
Financial Therapist, Money Mindset Mentor, Life & Business Coach

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