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Laney Houser

Christian Speaker
Bend Oregon 97702

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Let's Live the Abundant Life Together

Let's Live the Abundant Life Together

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Bend, OR 97702
United States of America

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More About Laney Houser

Laney Houser is a Financial Therapist, Life and Business Coach, Money Mentor, and speaker who helps women open their hearts to live the dreams God has for them; because every woman has a dream, desire, purpose, or longing waiting to be uncaged. 


As a former Pastor and Therapist she coaches with a shepherds and healers heart, and a lot of laughter along the way. Her goal in life is to create fun in the moment. We are meant to thrive in this one amazing journey called life so let's live life fullest each second we have.

She teaches women how go from struggle to thriving and has lots of practice. She built a seven figure business but burnt out so intensely she ended up in in patient treatment for depression, lost everything, and ended up on food stamps. She rebuilt and created a new life built on the principles of happiness both from the scientific and Biblical perspective. She promised God that if she got out of her depression and burnout alive she would teach other women how she did it. Her mission is to make this world a better place by helping women create joy in life, business, and in their relationship with people and money.

Abundance is a Godly thing that includes every area of our lives including our bank accounts. God wants you to live a rich life of freedom and choice. Laney teaches women to ditch the money struggle, drop the money drama, let go of money shame and guilt ton create a brand new money story based on Godly principles for you and generations to come. 

We live in a time when women are rising up creating businesses that help them create the wealth and freedom they long for while getting to helping other women. The beauty of working with your money story is that when you heal it you get to heal every single relationship in your life. It's an amazing and life changing experience and the evidence of healing is more money in the bank to love and serve others in a deeper and more meaningful way.. 

Laney speaks to women of all ages about unleashing their dreams and living a happy and abundant life.