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Posted by: Yvonne Conte on 12/17/2018

7 Habits of Supremely Happy Christians.

What makes a person happy?  What is the difference between happiness and joy? As christian how should we look at this topic?  In this session Yvonne shares a 7 step plan to live an abundant and happy joy filled life.   Yvonne went to southern Italy recently to study the happy people in a small village called Amaroni in the boot of Italy. she wanted to find out how people who have very little in the way of material things and simple conveniences we take for granted, could be so genuinely happy.  She stayed a whole month. (Poor Yvonne)  What she learned will amaze you, make you laugh really hard and may even bring a tear.  What she knows for sure is that her life will never be the same after spending a month in this village and when she shares her story with you, your life will change as well. Come laugh with Yvonne as she takes you on the trip of a lifetime. Let her tell you what she learned about life, about love and about living a supremely happy life and how all of it is part of God’s plan for you!

All session are 60 minute teachings, 

however can be condensed 

for 20-30 minute sermons



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