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Katherine Barner Recommendations

Submitted by To Rise Advocacy And Consulting, LLC on 02/08/2024

Oriana Holmes, Women's Advocate

On Topic

An engaging & dynamic demonstration of expertise, Katherine Barner sparked conversations and connections among attendees that continued well after the session had ended. That...is how change happens.

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Tammie Jurek-Co Founder

Ms. Barner speaks with great confidence and charisma that quickly engages the audience. Her passion for Christ is evident and her knowledge of the word of God ignites the truths she shares. 

Submitted by Design, Discovery, And Development Foundation on 01/09/2024

Diane Sustek, Board Member

Katherine is real, transparent, and honest. A speaker that speaks from her heart, leaving every women in the room hanging on her every word and wanting more when she is finished.

Submitted by Grace School Of Theology on 08/16/2023