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Tiffany Jo Baker Recommendations

Submitted by First Baptist Church on 03/28/2024

Melinda Hall Minister to Preschool and Children

On Topic

Tiffany Jo Baker was the speaker at our Women's Retreat, Bloom in March 2024.
WOW! Tiffany brought it all to the stage! She spoke for three 45 minute sessions and was fresh, friendly and fun for each one. She did a beautiful job of incorporating and expanding the theme with each session. She had a wonderful connection with the attendees and participated fully all day! Her message was biblical, uplifting, informative and encouraging. Words from the attendees include: She is doing great, I love her, this is just what we needed and can she speak again next year! I simply cannot say enough good things about Tiffany. you will want to move to her hometown and be her new best friend! If you have the chance to book her, do it!

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Nicole Clark, Founder

Tiffany Jo Baker is a phenomenal speaker. She is brilliant, funny and extremely knowledgeable. Her message was relatable, informative and presented in a way everyone could comprehend. Tiffany's bright personality shines through when presenting and she is definitely a class act. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed Tiffany and weeks later I am still receiving comments on how wonderful she was as our guest speaker. We can't wait to have her back at our next Refined event!

Submitted by Twelve 12 Ministries on 09/19/2023

Sheila Walls, Founder /co-Pastor

Tiffany Jo Baker was a speaker at our recent Women’s Conference. Wow!! She is an engaging speaker who uniquely touches hearts while addressing extremely sensitive issues. Her approach is practical, funny, and oh so inspirational! Her message seems to resonate with people in a meaningful way. Our attendees are still talking about the 3 sources of conflict!!! I highly recommend Tiffany for your next conference, seminar, workshop, or gathering!

Submitted by Faith Empowered Women, Life Community Church on 09/19/2023

Dr. Brian V. Bradford, Lead Pastor

The Baker’s are the ideal one-two punch! Tiffany is genuine, sharp, and witty. Brian is relatable, attentive, and intentional. Together, they make a dynamic couple that we can’t wait to have back at future marriage events. Book them today, and you’ll be glad you did tomorrow!

Submitted by Rocket City Church on 09/19/2023

Jana Michaelsen ,Pastor

Tiffany Jo is a personable speaker with a heart bigger than the state of Texas. She shares about how God has grown her through marriage, child-rearing, and surrogacy. She also isn't afraid to interact and spend one on one time with someone. One woman praised her authenticity by saying "Tiffany's big smile is the same on stage as it is off." Tiffany is definitely an up and coming speaker.

Submitted by Christ Community Church on 09/19/2023

Kassey G. Speaker Coordinator/Co-Leader

Tiffany was such a blessing to our group.  She was great to work and plan with prior to our meeting, arrived early to set up and hangout with our group and then gave a phenomenal message on marriage.  All of our mamas I talked to really enjoyed her message, as well as funny stories.  She is incredibly sweet and encouraging and gave us a great deal to discuss and think about.  I would highly recommend her to any group of women, or couples.  I am looking forward to checking out the rest of her digital content.  What a fabulous woman of God and role model

Submitted by Ash Creek Baptist Church on 09/19/2023

Mindy Kiker, Co-Founder

If you want a communicator who is engaging, relatable, and inspiring, Tiffany Jo Baker is your girl. She connects with participants heart-to-heart, providing content rich with guidance and actionable takeaways. To illustrate her teaching points, Tiffany relates personal stories with empathy and humor. Even in an after-lunch session, the energy of the room is fully engaged in the journey with this spirited teacher from Texas. We highly recommend Tiffany Jo Baker as a speaker at your next in-person or online event.

Submitted by Flourishwriters on 09/19/2023