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Laura West Recommendations

Submitted by Victory Fellowship Church on 06/14/2022

Susan Swecker

On Topic

Laura is always a joy to have as a speaker, she is very uplifting and most definitely inspirational. All the ladies at my church love every time she comes to town !!! Laura is wonderful at keeping you excited and interested all at the same time. I would highly recommend anytime you get a chance to see her , take it !!!

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Rev. Donald Earwood Jr

If you are looking for someone to come and bless your church I highly recommend Laura and Maleka West. I grew up with Laura at Deep Creek Baptist Church. Our families served together for many years. Laura, John, her husband, and Maleka's story will moveyou to see how aeesomd our God is. They share there story through laugher and even tears. Theirs is a story of love, fathfulness, and forgiveness. With all the negative news we see everyday, we need to hear how God is working in our world. And you can definitely see how God is working through this family. They have touched so many lives, so why not let them touch yours.

Submitted by Lone Star Baptist Church on 03/09/2023

Pastor Anthony Kendall

Laura and Maleka were perfect for our Women's Event. Their story is incredible and has left a lasting impact on everyone who attended. I would highly recommend them for any event. They combine both humor and inspiration to move any audience to from tears of laughter to tears of joy. Thank you Laura and Maleka!

Submitted by Connect Church on 03/06/2023

Shawn Groves, Former Pastor’s Wife

Over 20 years ago I had the privilege of knowing and becoming friends with Laura West.  I can remember going into Laura’s home and witnessing the care she gave to the foster children God called her to minister to.  As heavy as her responsibility was at times she always  let her light shine bright and shared laughter, love and care to anyone she was around including the foster children in her care.  The Bible says …laugher is good like medicine… and I believe Laura shares this gift as a medicine to help heal others whether it be in a one on one situation or at her speaking engagements.  I can’t recall one time that I’ve been around her where I didn’t leave feeling loved and less burdened because of the joy and laughter that she could bring out in me.  Her speaking gift has blessed many and I do believe God uses her to make a difference in  others lives through  her speaking and sharing her journey.   I, without hesitation, recommend her as an awesome speaker and communicator. 

Submitted by Faith Alive Church Of God on 02/19/2023


The first time I heard Laura speak I felt like I had known her for forever because of her gifted skill of connecting with her audience. Laura gave words to things I was dealing with in my heart that I didn't have language for and she made me realize I wasn't the only one dealing with things and though we all may have different circumstances we all deal with things at some point in our lives.
Laura's presentation is one of hope and one of my favorite things - laughter. She is a dynamic speaker with an amazing story that she presents in such a way that everyone can put their own story in place of hers and see the hope in their own situations. Laura is amazing in all settings both large and small because she brings an intimacy in presentation that makes you feel like it's just you and her sitting down over a cup of coffee.
This girls love for Jesus and amazing personality mixed with her positive outlook on things and life experience makes her a must see speaker!

Submitted by Godly Woman Ministries on 02/03/2023

Jim Chapman

Laura West will bless your heart! She will have the audience laughing, and through the laughter she will share the message the Lord has given her. Laura will bless you.

Submitted by The Foothills Quartet on 02/01/2023

Brooke everhart

I have never seen a testimony so heartfelt as this woman and her daughter. She is genuine inside and out. The comedy, the singing and the seriousness is all there with her. I’ve heard her a dozen times and it never gets old!

Submitted by Local Church on 02/01/2023

Cindi Cohn

What an amazing experience! Nothing can compare to this testimony of purpose and forgiveness. Laura uses amazing humor, a powerful testimony, and Maleka sings throughout- it’s truly the most entertaining, yet you can’t leave unchanged for the better. She uplifts, convicts, and shows you how we all have a great purpose. Highly recommend for everyone to experience- young and old.

Submitted by Connect Church on 11/07/2022

Diana Hanvey

I had the privilege of working with Laura in her ministry several years. I traveled all over the country with her. I saw many lives changed and altars full! I hated when I moved away and had to stop and would join her today if I was able. Laura is funny and genuine. She uses the word of God and presents it in a way that reaches everyone from young to old. I would highly encourage you to not only book her for your church but a ladies retreat is a must!

Submitted by Lol Ministries on 07/13/2022

Diane Parten CEO of Inspirational Country Music Association

Laura spoke at our annual womens tea dining our convention. The women loved her so much we ask her back for the next day to talk again and let the men hear her. She is a great speaker and from the heart. Would recommend her to any event you are having!!

Submitted by Inspirational Country Music Association on 06/29/2022

Jennifer Jones - President

I've had Laura come to many events and I have never once been disappointed! She has the most incredible testimony of true love and forgiveness. She is absolutely hilarious and her daughter Maleka is just precious. She gets the audience involved, which makes the experience one of a kind. I cannot recommend Laura and Maleka enough. You will be truely blessed to have them at your event!

Submitted by Angel Wings Memory Gowns on 06/29/2022

Sami Cooper

Laura will have you laughing one minute and in tears the next. Laura and Malekas testimony will touch your heart and change your life. And, Maleka sings with the voice of an angel. If you have a chance to see/hear them you will be blessed .. don't miss them.

Submitted by Friend on 06/28/2022

JoAnn Hansel

Laura West was our ladies' conference speaking for two years in a row. We enjoyed her so much . She was personable , and has a heart for Jesus. Her desire is to glorify Jesus and to direct people to Him. She is well versed in the Word of God and uses scripture lavishly in her session. She is funny, helping us to laugh at life and ourselves. Her daughter Meleka is amazing memorizing and singing so many songs , even with challenges. Loved Laura and Meleka.

Submitted by Solos on 06/23/2022

Tony and Pam Martin

Laura West and her daughter Maleka bring such an inspirational message. Laura will bring tears of laughter then make you cry from the unbelievable story of triumph over tragedy! Her amazing story of love and forgiveness will break chains of bitterness and anger. Highly recommend having her speak at any conference or church service.

Submitted by Pastor on 06/14/2022

Ron Corley

I have known Laura and her family for approximately 13 years, and for that alone, I am truly blessed. She is a powerful woman of God, as well as an inspirational leader. The Lord’s anointing flows through her words, and also through the music of Maleka, her amazing daughter ... which touches the hearts of all who are present. Laura has walked through fire in her own personal life, and has come out on the other side fully surrendered to Jesus. Her life of obedience and sacrifice will both inspire you and challenge you to surrender to Jesus, even when it comes with great sacrifice. Her message of surrender to Him is powerful and life changing. Her compassion for the lost is evident in her ministry. It comes with no judgment ... "Jesus loves the lost and broken, no one is too broken for him". You will be encouraged and challenged by this humble woman of God to be wholly surrendered to Jesus.

Submitted by Not Involved With Any Organization on 06/14/2022

Desi Facemire, Promoter

When I think of Laura West The first thing that comes to mind is this, Laura is filled with The Spirit. Laura reprs what a Christian should be.
I met Laura in November 2021 in her hometown while we was on vacation. After talking to her for a few minutes there was no doubt she was saved and lives for Jesus. I then purchased her book, read it, loved it and have since loaned it to many other ladies.
After reading her book it lead me to ask her to come to WV and be the speaker at our church for our Ladies Banquet, to me it was a HUGE success!! Laura and her daughter brought us many tears and laughter..
If you are looking for a friend, Laura is the lady you need in your life. If you’re looking for someone that can touch your heart with her story of motherhood, Laura is it!!
I know for a fact that Laura has touched my life, my husbands life and my family’s life.

Submitted by The Facemire’s on 06/10/2022

Sherry Shinn

Our church has had Laura to many of our ladies meeting along with her daughter. They can inspire you with laughter, songs and the meaning of her mission serving god no matter what you face in life. If you can get Laura and her many colorful sidekicks at your next meeting, We know you won't be disappointed. She will leave you with a smile and leave you inspired to help spread Gods word to others. We at Living Waters Women of Faith encourage you to invite Laura for your next event.

Submitted by Living Waters Missionary Baptist Church on 08/30/2017