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Lisa Hooks Recommendations

Submitted by Girl Let Me Tell You Ministries on 12/26/2023

Donna Anderson

On Topic

I have attended several of Lisa's Women of Prayer, Women of Power conferences and come away blessed every time. Lisa speaks with passion, authenticity, vulnerability, and by the Spirit of God. Her messages were timely and spoke to my soul. The word of knowledge and prayers spoken were right on! She hears from God and her teachings reflect her knowledge of God's word. I was happy to see God bless her with a talk show because her love for the Lord and His people is evident.

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Deanna Fullerton, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

I would definitely recommend Lisa Hooks as a Christian Speaker for any group or event. She is a dynamic speaker who speaks with clarity and enthusiasm. She engages her audience and encourages audience participation. She is very knowledgeable of the Word and audiences will always leave with something of value.

Submitted by Eagles Rest Counseling on 08/09/2022

Founder of Moving Forward Ministries

I have heard Lisa speaker at several church and business events. I have heard her speak at Toastmasters and even my homeschool tutorial public speaking class. She always presents well and captivates her audience.

She is very spirited and extremely knowledgeable of biblical principles. I have seen Lisa take difficult topics and break them down to where people not only understand but can apply these truths. Lisa is professional and I highly recommend her for any type of public speaking event.

Submitted by Maggie Kavanaugh on 10/29/2021

Blaine Little, Corporate Trainer

I have known Lisa for several years and call on her from time to time to present on timely topics, both secular and Christian. She never disappoints. Her engagement with the audience is remarkable. She leads the participants through stories that make the point. She adds the perfect blend of gripping tales and laughter. I highly recommend her for your next event.

Submitted by Momentum Seminars on 07/30/2021

Bob Williams

Lisa Hooks is the complete package as a speaker. She's not afraid to be transparent about her life, her struggles and what she's learned. That makes it easy to embrace her message and apply it to my own life. Lisa is engaging and funny and I look forward to hearing her again.

Submitted by Alhambra Investments on 05/10/2019

Minister Angela Williams

I have known and grown with Lisa Hooks being in and a part of my life as healing, deliverance and grace is applied in our lives. She has been a coach, teacher, facilitator, Counselor to help me maximize the gifts within. She is stable, consistent and makes a positive difference in everyone she touches. Each one, reach one is what she embodies. Life at a glance not by chance when Lisa connects with people to bring the gifts into fruition to be used, not abused or not used. She invests in the lives of others sacrificially and still has time to fulfill her role as a wife, mother and grammy award to her grandson. When you see a diamond in the earth, you understand better what God means by worth. This worthy vessel has been given to us to shed light in a dark world and even in the church to bring abundant life into existence. Experience all that she does in Speaking into the lives of others and causing the world to be a better place.

Submitted by Health Through Hands That Heal And Ushealth Advisors Health And Life Insurance on 11/13/2018

LouAnn Smith

I have known Lisa for 5 years now. I have had the privilege of having her as a coach, but have also been greatly blessed by her tv show and her teaching at conferences and intensives. She is an excellent communicator and connects well with her audience. She has spoken a great deal into my life for which I am very grateful. I have come to value her anointing and wisdom immensely.

Submitted by Na on 11/09/2018

Charity Kelsey

Lisa speaks from the heart out of her own experience with a biblical view. She is warm but direct in her delivery and does not mince words about the truth and authority of scripture. I learn something new each time I hear her speak and remain challenged and encouraged every time!

Submitted by Inside Out Life Coaching on 11/09/2018

Amanda Roberts Founder of the Ball in the Fall

Lisa Hooks is an amazing speaker with a natural gift of explaining the word of God. She stayed on topic at the 2017 Ball in the Fall and within the time limit given. She was very engaging and the women loved her. I feel that she could cover a multitude of subjects. She doesn't just stand behind the podium and read from a script either, she moves around and looks at the audience. She makes impactful statements and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat wanting more. I highly recommend Lisa as a Christian Woman Speaker. She will not disappoint!

Submitted by Ribbons Of Grace Ministries on 11/08/2018

ML Morlock

Lisa Hooks is one of my favorite speakers! I've attended the Liberty Conference for the past two years and always made sure I'm sitting up front when she's up to speak. She's transparent, thought provoking, moving and extremely inspiring. She's so passionate about her topics that healing always comes forth. I highly recommend Lisa Hooks as your speaker for your next event. You'll be glad you made her a part!

Submitted by Behind Me Now on 11/07/2018

Christy Sanford

Lisa is a fabulous communicator!!

Submitted by Greenhouse Ministries on 11/06/2018

Evangelist Earlie Butler

Minister Hooks is one of the most authentic and passionate bible teachers in ministry. I am always inspired and empowered by her preaching and teaching. She weaves profound biblical truths with practical application together in a way that empowers my walk with Christ. I have attended several of her conferences, workshops, and banquets and always leave motivated and strengthened. She is a great choice for a speaker!

Submitted by Giving God The Glory Ministries on 10/18/2018

Franklin Walden Jr.

Lisa Hooks is an amazing women with a heart to help those around her. She is a gifted communicator who is able to connect with the audience very quickly. Her Biblical messages are always clear, concise, and engaging.

Submitted by The Vision Church on 10/11/2018

Pastor Patricia Douglas

Lisa Hooks, is a very articulate engaging speaker. Her words are spoken from a heart of passion. What people will hear in her a voice, is a desire for her audience to not to just hear words being said, but rather be able to apply what has been taught or spoken, so it will change their lives and current status. Whether in business, Ministry, or whatever roll they participate in daily.

Submitted by World Covenant Church Int'l on 09/30/2018

Ruth Butler

Lisa is one of my favorite motivational speakers. I have enjoyed many of her seminars. She always delivered an amazing presentation. She shows that she really enjoy speaking to others. She's very Encourage, She speak with authority and last but not least she's a god fearing women.

Submitted by Member Of The Vision Church on 09/29/2018

Kim Turner/Founder and Owner

Lisa Hooks is an excellent motivational coach and speaker. I never leave a meeting without being encouraged and challenged to do more for my business. I am thankful for the privilege to learn from Lisa.

Submitted by Birds On A Wire Counseling on 09/28/2018

Tabbetha Muller

Wisdom, sincere, experienced, knowledge, genuine these are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Lisa Hooks.
She is truly a woman of God and enjoys sharing with you. I have been blessed many times to hear her speak and look forward to the next several.

Submitted by None on 09/26/2018