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Pamela Vidra Recommendations

Submitted by Learning Development Services on 11/01/2015

Amy Ellis, Psy. D, Clinical Psychologist

On Topic

Pamela has regularly presented seminars to groups of adults with learning and attentional problems as well as seminars for parents that have children with special needs. She has always been completely prepared and organized in her presentations, and is able to engage the group that she is presenting to with her humor and compassion. She has also offered diverse and influential viewpoints on issues raised. Further, she has always been reliable, conscientious, productive and forthright. Clearly, she is a very mature, skillful and responsible leader and communicator. Pamela is an outstanding lecturer and story teller, and greatly valued by her colleagues, peers, students and every member of our group at Learning Development Services. We continue to have requests for her to present quite often. Our clientele senses Pamela's passion and commitment to her field. On a more personal level, Pamela is a kind, sensitive, and enthusiastic individual who would be an asset to your program.

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Chris Brown, Senior Pastor

It is my privilege to be able to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Pamela Vidra. I have been Pam's pastor and friend for about four years now, and can say without a doubt that she is a woman of the highest character and integrity. Pam is an incredibly loyal wife, a patient and nurturing mother, and a great asset to our church. I have seen firsthand the positive impact that she is having on people within her family, among her own peer group, and in her vocation. Not only has Pam been a faithful attendee of North Coast Church, but she has also become an integral part of our team, Pam and her husband have been using their gifts and talents, along with their healthy marriage, to serve others on a weekly basis. I can honestly say that her integrity and character combine to make her a truly unique and impressive individual.

Submitted by North Coast Church on 01/30/2018

Debbie Rowe, Director Single Ministries

It is certainly my pleasure to recommend Pamela Vidra to you. Pamela is an enthusiastic, energetic follower of Jesus Christ and that is immediately apparent when you meet her. Her witness is contagious and compelling and those who are in her circle of influence can't help but want to know more - more about her and more about her love for the Lord. Pamela taught our Singles Sunday morning class for several weeks and the singles left each one yearning for more. She engages her audience in a powerful and persuasive way, using her exuberant style of communicating. Pamela knows her Bible and has a unique way of interlacing Scripture with everyday circumstances with which we can all relate. We singles are already looking forward to her return to our class so that we can once again enjoy her teaching and her joy-filled encouragement.

Submitted by La Jolla Presbyterian Church on 11/01/2015