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Tracey Bottiglia Recommendations

Submitted by Middletown First Church Of God on 02/15/2024

Amy Burghdorf, Music Director

On Topic

Tracey is passionate and inspiring, and her heart is focused on her Lord and Savior. She was engaging and not only took the time to speak, but she left time for questions and to introduce her service dog. It was a beautiful evening, and I'm so grateful to Tracey for sharing her story with us.

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Ashley Stine

First time i saw tracy speak and would love to hear her again! So touching!

Submitted by Personal Friend on 02/11/2024

Karen Lynch

I heard Tracey speak for a church woman’s group and she was incredibly engaging and inspiring as she recounted how active she was as a wife, mother, church leader, teacher, coach, and athlete before she got sick and her life changed.  Even though she had her life planned out before her, those plans weren’t necessarily God plans, and she needed to learn to trust Him for her future. Tracey spoke from her heart and had me at times laughing and other times crying. She is “real, honest and authentic”.  I know if you were to hear her speak, you will be filled with hope for a future that is better than anything you had imagined. 

Submitted by First United Methodist Church on 02/06/2024

Brenda Bankowski

Wonderful speaker, inspirational, thought provoking and articulate. Have passed Tracey's name onto another Church who is looking for a dynamic speaker. Without hesitation, she comes highly recommended. God is using Tracey, mightily !

Submitted by Red Hill Church Of God on 01/12/2024

Carol Rhoades, Treasurer

Tracey was a guest speaker at our church the end of December 2023 and gave a dynamic testimony of her life and challenges that she faced.  There were many positive comments later from members of the congregation who thoroughly enjoyed her presentation entitled, "    A New Hope".

Submitted by Red Hill Church Of God on 01/12/2024

Sophia Beckley

I highly recommend Tracey Bottiglia for your event.  She genuinely shares the highs and lows she has encountered, leaving her listeners with a sense of encouragement through her heartfelt presentation and testimony to God.

Submitted by Church on 01/12/2024

Fred Flury, Elder Administrative Board

Tracey provided a hearfelt story of her journey with her disease. Her story gave enthusiasitc testament to how faith in God can strengthen an indivual to overcome any adversity in life, and remain upbeat and happy in the face of troubles. Her story is inspirational and uplifting. She should write a book so she can reach more people .

Submitted by Middletown 1st Church Of God on 01/12/2024

Pastor Jack Selcher

Tracey Bottiglia shared a moving account of how she has successfully faced numerous health setbacks that transformed her life and made her a more effective tool in God's hands.

Submitted by Middletown First Church Of God on 01/11/2024

Reverend David B. Sterling

I've heard Tracey Bottiglia speak and she presents a wonderful message of support and encouragement inspired by the difficulties and hardships her illnesses have caused. She is a true witness of God. I hope you have a chance to be inspired by her message.

Submitted by Retired Pastor on 01/11/2024