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Friends of the Heart Recommendations

Submitted by First United Methodist Church Millersburg PA on 10/31/2015

Richard Berg, Pastor

On Topic

"I would like to recommend Shirley Brosius to your organization and you.
I have only known her for the short period of time of 9 months, but I
have come to love her and her talents. She has demonstrated a love for
people and her Savior, Jesus Christ. She will readily volunteer to help
when it is in her ability. She is faithful in teaching and leading when
she can. She has opened her home to get to know her neighbors and
friends. Shirley has a strong desire to write and is often found
writing for our newspaper.

Her strongest desire is to serve her Lord and Savior. We, the First
United Methodist Church, are delighted that Bill and Shirley worship
with us. They add to our planning and to the service. Many times I have
thanked the Lord for Shirley's talents and gifts. She is a delight.....

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Kim Garosi, Women’s Ministry Organizer

I was invited to experience Friends of the Heart at another church last year and without hesitation asked them to present “At Any Age, At Any Stage: Celebrating the Christian Life” at to our women’s conference this year. The conference attendees have provided nothing but positive feedback, and they appreciated the variety of venues in which the message was shared. These particular sessions also provided the opportunity for women to discuss topics that are relevant to Christian women today. Kim, Shirley, and Janine are genuine, witty, and interact effectively with women from all walks of life. The love they have for God and each other is evident. As a result, this was the best women’s conference we have ever held at our church. I plan on passing their information along to other women’s groups in my area.

Submitted by Palmyra, Pa on 05/30/2023


I just got back from a women's retreat where these ladies were the speakers. They were absolutely wonderful! The skits were great, the worship was inspirational and the message was relatable to all the women. These ladies are fun and full of love!!

Submitted by Ebenezer & Friends on 09/18/2022

Melanie Ellis

I was recently at a Ladies weekend with our church. Friends of the Heart were a tremendous encouragement to me!! They are entertaining but more then just being entertaining they brought the Book of Ruth to life! Each one of their topic spoke something from Gods word to me. I would love to see them again and highly recommend them to any ladies group!

Submitted by My Calvary Church on 02/21/2022

Linda McCosker

These women are the real deal! Their love for Christ, each other and the rest of us is joyful to be around. Shirley's recitation from memory of the book of Philippians was unforgettable. They are funny and talented and caring.

Submitted by Women's Ministries on 09/30/2021

Tommie Young Director

We recently had Friends of the Heart with us at our Women's Conference. They are a very interesting group of ladies. So much variety to their ministry. We really enjoyed them as speakers and personally.

Submitted by Women's Power Surge Ministry on 05/22/2018

Bev Renn

We hold a bi-annual Women's Retreat and this year had the Friends of the Heart do our presentation. They did a wonderful job. Engaging all the women present with their skits, music, humor, and spiritual message. It was a relaxing welcoming event for those who needed to reconnect with their God and their spirituality. Our evaluations from those present were all very good. All in all a wonderful retreat that encouraged the first timers to consider coming back in two years! Thank you Friends of the heart!

Submitted by Susquehanna Conference United Methodist Women on 04/02/2017

Bonnie Solberg, Director of Women's Ministry

"""Our church had the pleasure of having ""Friends of the Heart"" come to
speak for our women's retreat. What a blessing! Their different
personalities each contribute to a wonderful blend of transparency,
inspiration and challenge to walk with God. Their talks were grounded in
scripture, yet well balanced with personal examples and illustrations.
Our ladies left encouraged and exhorted. Shirley's presentation of the
book of Philippians from memory is not to be missed. We really
appreciated their ministry to the women!"""

Submitted by Wethersfield Evangelical Free Church on 10/31/2015