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Shana Grooms Recommendations

Submitted by First Presbyterian Church Of Mt. Vernon, Ohio on 11/08/2022

Brenda Schultze Leader of Women's Association

On Topic

I really enjoyed your program and was touched by it. Your presentation was well thought out and flowed well weaving your life story of pain to pearls. I liked how you used scripture verses and songs which helped to support your point of God creating Beauty from Ashes. Keep up the good work as a warrior for God. I highly recommend Shanna.

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Carmen Baird

We had Shana for a women's event at our church. She tailored her talk to fit our these and purpose! She was great! Very relevant and such a great personality. Comfortable from the stage and her message was so good!

Submitted by Crossroads Christian on 02/01/2024

Cheryl Greene

We are finishing this study at our church and it has been so good to have our eyes opened, not only to how much we need sisters in Christ to come alongside us on this journey of life, but how much we need to be available to walk alongside our sisters who need us. The book presents weekly challenges that, if acted upon, can cause us to grow spiritually. I highly recommend this book!

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 07/19/2023

Katie Stapleton

Shana is the most authentic soul & having her guidance as we studied through her latest book, “Sister in Christ, I Need You” was incredible. 

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 07/16/2023

Helen Wilson

Shana Grooms is very easy followed in her teachings and speakings. Shana lives her live as what she speaks about. I have recently been involved in a bible study Shana authored and lead us through the study. Blessed to have been involved in this study. Have been to many of her speaking engagements, very spiritually uplifting.

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 07/15/2023

Cindy Wilson

Shana offers invaluable insight into areas of hope in the midst of trials  and also the importance of Sisterhood. Her new book makes a great topic for women’s groups or Sunday School classes. Shana does a great job presenting her topics in group sessions and women’s events. It always speaks to your heart as God works through her!

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 07/14/2023

Stephanie McCoy

Shana is very knowledgeable Christian girl with so much experience in leading! She makes the classes fun heart warming as well she is able to address uncomfortable topics with the use of God's word. She really understands the Bible and how to take scriptures to use them to better the kingdom through others! She has the ability to take everday topics that we all deal with and use them to glorify God! With her field being education she is a natural when it come to speaking and the flow of the class. Shana has very deep love of speaking and encouraging others to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 07/13/2023

Aimee Wilson

The Study was fantastic!  The speaker did a wonderful job and I would definitely recommend her to speak at any Conference for Women.   

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 07/13/2023

Stephanie McCoy

Shana Grooms is a very real speaker. She uses Gods word to relate to every area of her life. Shana's speaking skills are top notch. She has dealt with true pain but can take that and give God the glory for the pain in her life. Shana has always had a heart to serve God in a special way.. to help others in the journey of life. That is a special blessing. Shana has the confidence in Jesus to relate the power he can gives to others as they face the challenges of this world here on earth. Shana can relate the hope in believing in Jesus so we can all share in the kingdom of heaven. It was a true blessing to hear her speak a few weeks ago at Crossroads Church in Washington Courthouse.

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 04/06/2023

Linda Christman

I’ve know Shana since she was very young and have got to witness her growth in Christ. I’ve heard her speak at a couple events and they were absolutely wonderful. She has a beautifully heart and voice and God has blessed her with the courage to share and connect with people in an amazing way. You won’t be disappointed!

Submitted by Christian Group Leader on 01/30/2023

Dee Watson

I recently had the honor of hearing Shana speak at our ladies retreat. Wow! ..what a powerful story and so awesome to hear about Shana's healing and perseverance. I highly recommend her books as well as getting to hear her story in person!

Submitted by First Presbyterian Church Mount Vernon, Ohio on 12/02/2022

Ashley Bohl

Shana is a wonderful speaker. She is creative in her delivery and brings forth a beautiful message- there’s pearls from pain. I highly recommend!

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 11/01/2022

Cindy Wilson

I have had the privilege of walking alongside Shana during her faith journeys. As her mother my heart ached when she ached. But amazingly enough she always lifted ME up with her faith and trust as she endured many battles. I was thrilled when she decided to put into words all she had been through and overcame through Jesus. Her books on “Pain to Pearls” was a dream fulfilled. To be able to help others through their struggles and give them hope was her heart’s desire. And now to be able to share through speaking is a total God thing! He allows her to be His vessel to touch and encourage others. She is a servant and loves sharing her message of how God can take your pain, whether mental, physical, or emotional and turn it into pearls. How blessed I am to have a daughter who not only challenges me in my faith but lifts me up along the way!

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 10/31/2022

Carolyn Pertuset

The best thing about Shana is that she lives her faith always! She listens to the Holy Spirit and strives to learn and grow in her faith. I love her wit, her heart, her sharp mind and her Spiritual beauty. When you listen to Shana share her faith you will learn, you will laugh and you will likely be touched to tears. Love this Beautiful Gal! She’s a big blessing!

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 10/31/2022

Cheryl Greene

Shana is a true example of how God has taken the pains of her life and turn them into pearls. God has blessed her with the ability to put into words some valuable advice when we are faced with our own pains, physically or emotionally. His love and care for us is so evident in her sweet spirit as she conveys what she has learned.

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 10/31/2022

Amy Kelley

Shana speaks from her heart! She recounts her life experiences and makes them very relatable to her audience. She is also very gifted in her musical abilities. It was an absolute blessing to hear how God has turned her pain into pearls!!

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 10/31/2022

Holly Bredefeld Deacon Head

Shana spoke at our Women’s retreat yesterday and everyone loved her! She was a blessing to each of us and ladies are commenting on her teachings and how it interacts with our own life pain. She is delightful and I would highly recommend her. She was accommodating and easy to work with. It will be difficult for the next speaker to follow her. A great blessing indeed!

Submitted by First Presbyterian Church Of Mount Vernon Ohio on 10/30/2022

Aimee Wilson

Shana is such a sweet, gifted, Godly woman! Everyone can relate to her story and be blessed by her and her words!

Submitted by Peebles Church Of Christ on 09/07/2022

Lana shoemaker

Awesome job. Tied presentation with our WAR ( women at risk) program/platform.

Submitted by Womens Ministry At Crossroads on 02/26/2022