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Ferree Hardy Recommendations

Submitted by New Normal Cancer Coaching & Fitness on 11/19/2023

Cindy Lupica, Advocate/Coach

On Topic

Ferree is raw and real. Her unique personality of humor adds to the mix of her personal experience and spiritual mentorship. Our widows were blessed by her visit as a guest speaker for our church spring event.

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Sue Lichtenberger, Bible Study Facilitator

Ferree speaks from her heart. I heard her speak at Calvary Chapel in Apple Valley, CA and she knows her subject well because she has gone through the loss of losing her first husband. She is a warm, thoughtful, and animated speaker. 
Ferree has been extremely helpful, through a Coaching relationship as well. 

A lovey humble woman of God.  I highly recommend her.

Submitted by Mt. Miguel Covenant Village, Retirement Community on 09/25/2023

Miriam Neff. president

Fabulous, real, personal. Biblical encouragement for the mind, soul, and heart.

Submitted by Widow Connection Inc on 09/21/2023

Jane Zempel, Women's Leadership Team Member

Ferree spoke  to a women's group at my former church and was extremely well-received. Though it was a mixed group of women with the goal of "honoring" the widows among us, there were many comments of "this was our best women's event ever!!" And those were from women who weren't even widows! Ferree relates to her listeners in a very warm, personable manner and her content is applicable to any woman who desires to grow in her relationship with Christ.

Submitted by Triangle Community Church on 09/20/2023

Mary Trombley: Leader-Widow’s Bible Study

Ferree Hardy has a unique insight on loss. Widowhood is something no woman wants to face and yet statistics show most of the time it is the wife who loses their spouse first. Ferree, having experienced this loss herself, is able to share encouragement and hope to those who have faced this or may know someone widowed. She brings His light to any venue she speaks at, and would be a wonderful addition to any ladies gathering. She loves widows and it shows in all she presents. Her presence would be welcome at any gathering aimed at helping understand grief and loss better so we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.

Submitted by Mountain Creek Church on 09/12/2023

Valerie Dixon

Ferree is a talented writer and speaker who showers her audience with heartfelt warmth and understanding. Her book “Postcards From a Widows Path” allows a peak into her widowhood experience while shining a light on the Biblical path so many of us are seeking. Ferree is knowledgeable, approachable and fun to be around. 

Submitted by Hot Biscuit Diner on 09/05/2023