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Tracy Lewis Recommendations

Submitted by Laity on 01/16/2019

Jim Frisch

On Topic

Wow! What an annointed Christian woman and speaker. I have had the great privilege to hear and experience Tracy speak and pray on multiple occasions, mostly at our local homeless shelter - the Fieldhouse. She always brings a revelant message tied to the Word and pointing to Jesus. She uses her own real life examples of Christ's transformation of her life to relate the power of God and His great love for us. As awesome as she is, it is never about her, it is always about Jesus and what He has done and what He can do for you.

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Sylvia Farill

I would most definitely recommend Tracy to speak at your event. Tracy's love for Christ and for people most definitely is shown in her actions. she is an amazing speaker and teacher. She is someone that once you meet her you count her as a friend.

Submitted by Relevant Church Of Mobile on 04/02/2024

Lenita Cuervo

Tracy is a inspiring speaker who knows and loves the Lord. She relates to the audience through her testimony and life experiences. I highly recommend her.

Submitted by Diamondhead Community Church on 01/19/2023

Charrie McQueen

Tracy was such an engaging, honest, and really great speaker. What she said resonated with our women and she touched many hearts. We will have her back again!

Submitted by Ridglea Heights Baptist Church on 10/13/2022

Mattie Crayton/ Minister/ First Lady Of Mount Sinai Baptist Church

I think, if you got Tracy to speak for you at your event. You would be getting someone who tell the truth to your people. She would pray with them and for them as well. She will give them the word. She has helped me so much in by allowing God to use her. You would not be disappointed. I promise you that.

Submitted by Minister/ First Lady Of Mount Sinai Baptist Church on 03/09/2022

Jessica Fortenberry

Tracey Lewis is an awesome Christian person inside and out. She's a great speaker. I would recommend her for all ages and all types of people. No matter what a person is struggling in her messages are touching and a gift from God. If you hear Tracy speak just once you will want to hear her every chance you get. I personally love Tracy and the Christian woman than she is. She a true gift of God. Very glad to have a piece of her in my life!!

Submitted by Caney Baptist Church on 12/08/2021

Cyndi Grace

I was able to co-lead two conferences with Tracy and both times I knew that this was a woman after God's heart. She has such compassion for those who are hurting. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Submitted by Cyndi Grace Ministries on 08/19/2016