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How to Get More Bookings

During this program, Marnie shares the specific things you can do to get more bookings via the WomenSpeakers.com website. You'll discover how planners search for speakers, booking statistics, strategies used by our most-frequently booked speakers, plus how to build credibility, increase visibility and get more invitations. Listen at http://tobtr.com/10894675 When you're ready, add your speaker profile HERE.

The Magnetism of Hot Topics  

Tune in to discover the secrets of developing and pitching irresistible topics. We'll unpack the five things a hot topic can do for you, who cares about your new topics, and just how much they care, plus the four ways you can maximize every new topic release from this moment forward. In addition, you'll learn the #1 topic mistake speakers make, the one topic-related thing planners hate, and the power of a signature topic. Listen at http://tobtr.com/10894687

Social Media Publicity Shortcuts

Learn how to think about social media sharing in a way that radically increases your time management skills and booking potential as a speaker. Discover what to share, when to share it, who to share it with, and why they'll thank you. Audit your own social media presence for growth opportunities, and start asking (yourself and others) the right questions. Listen at http://tobtr.com/10894697

Speaker Organizational Strategies

Now that you know how to fill your schedule with bookings, it's time to tackle the management side of your speaking ministry. During this training we'll cover tax deductions you can take, how to keep good records, how to create a speaker contract/confirmation form to be sure every important topic has been addressed in advance, how to manage your filing systems, Marnie's online booking/scheduling tool and so much more. Listen at http://tobtr.com/10894703

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Sample Contracts: 

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Aug 20 - Get Organized for Maximum Productivity with Kathy Paauw
Aug 17 - How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence with Yoon Cannon
Aug 16 - How to "Get the Yes!" Training with Kathy Carlton Wilton
Aug 15 - Social Media Publicity Shortcuts Training with Marnie
Aug 14 - Marketing Training - Strategic Marketing with Mike Saunders
Aug 13 - Marketing Training: Increase Your Reach w/David Newman
Aug 11 - Interview with FS, Julie Buchtenkirch - FB Live
Aug 10 - Interview with FS, Kimberly McCormick - FB Live
Aug 9 - How to Design a Signature Speech with Elizabeth Bachman
Aug 8 - The Magnetism of a Hot Topic. Be SURE to listen!
Aug 7 - Interview with FS, Beth Bingaman - YouTube/Audio Interview
Aug 3 - Interview with FS, Jennifer Cadamore - FB Live
Aug 2 - Interview w/featured speaker, Angela Kugia Sanchez - FBLive
Aug 2 - Interview with featured speaker (FS), Carla Gasser - FBLive 
Aug 1 - How to Get More Bookings (60 minute podcast training)

List of All Winners
Aug 1 - Sarah Martin won 15-Minute Coaching Session with Marnie (Value $50)
Aug 2 - Susan Whitehead won Mission/Vision Bootcamp (Value $99)
Aug 3 - Tammy Kennington won Mission/Vision Bootcamp (Value $99), 
Aug 6 - Patricia Boord - 15-Minute Coaching Session with Marnie (Value $50)
Aug 7 - Deb Potts - Marnie's Personality Type Test Template (Value $10)
Aug 8 - Jeannie Vogel - 
eVersion of Flow Through Vessel: How to Master the Habit of Letting God Flow Through You. (Value $9.99)

Aug 9 - Shana Strange - 3-5 minute FB Live topic promo interview 
Aug 13 - Sharon Wilharm - 3-5 minute FB Live topic promo interview
Aug 14 - Jeannine Moffitt - 3-5 minute FB Live topic promo interview
Aug 15 - Denise Adcock - 3-5 minute FB Live topic promo interview
Aug 16 - Carol Cool - 3-5 minute FB Live topic promo interview
Aug 17 - Susanne Smith won Mission/Vision Bootcamp (Value $99)
Aug 18 - Kristi Nieace won Mission/Vision Bootcamp (Value $99)
Aug 20 - Cynthia Robinson won Personality Type Test Template (Value $10)
Grand Prize - Aug 21- Sharon Wilharm was drawn from all participants, won a Lifetime Mentorship Membership to Marnie.com (Value $999