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Tarran Deane

Christian Speaker
Christian Woman Speaker at Corporate Cinderella Pty Ltd
Burleigh Heads Queensland 4220

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Contact Information

  • Ministry
  • Corporate Cinderella Pty Ltd
  • Position
  • Christian Woman Speaker
  • Year Of Salvation
  • 1997
  • Online Social Profiles
  • Location
  • PO Box 3962
    Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220
  • Fee Structure
  • Bureau Level Fees

Speaking Ministry Details

  • Salvation Date
  • 1997
  • Home Church
  • Ganggalah Australia - http://ganggalah.com/
  • Relationship to Church
  • One of the pastors at
  • Available for
  • Conferences, Keynotes, Retreats, Workshops
  • Speaking Experience
  • Full Time (over 20 events per year)
  • Fee Range
  • Bureau Level Fees

More About Tarran Deane

Leadership is more than leaning in; it's see-through! Build Trust, Lead Change, Promote Unity & Love the Company You're In! Tarran loves working with Executives, Entrepreneurs, Pastors & Leaders

With speaking trips planned to Denver Colorado; Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles California In July 2019, 
Tarran may be available to speak at your upcoming conference. 

Tarran is one of Australia’s most inspiring Leadership Presenters and guest preachers, obsessed with communication and connection to help real leaders achieve real results! Reaching right into the heart of issues impacting today’s Leaders, Tarran expertly equips your audience to navigate the tightrope of perceptions vs. reality, rapid change and shrinking resources, higher demands and greater stress. 

• As one of Australia’s sought after Female Speakers, C-Suite Executive Coaches and Change Strategists, Tarran draws on her "Signature 7 Leadership Framework ©” to inspire current and emerging leaders to eliminate fear, maximise talent and accept responsibility for their actions and inactions. Igniting possibility thinking, personal responsibility, hope for the future and a renewed conviction to ‘love the company you're in!’ 

Tarran shows your attendees how to 

  • Become clear on their own identity, recognising the impact of insecurity and the comparison trap, on team unity and effectiveness 
  • Recognising the role of Personal and Professional Boundaries through more effective negotiating skills to achieve better outcomes for their employer and greater role satisfaction to 
  • Discover how to identify, implement and review the latest resources, apps and tools to help them accelerate project goals and KPIs and get them home on time * Uphold Strategic and Operational plans in alignment with the company | organisations Vision, Mission and Values to support Quality Frameworks for reporting bodies and market position 
  • Using the values framework to drive Culture and Brand positioning, weeding out non-performers and problem generators, through clear communication, robust discussions and sample scripting and roleplaying - always in support of legislative commitments 
  • Implement the latest trends in communication to amplify the individual and organisational voice through enhanced speaking skills and leveraged content, be it to an audience of 1:1 or 1:Many 
  • Cutting through the range of social media platforms to recognise which ones will help your Leaders to extend their influence, represents your Brand online, and safeguard their digital real estate and reputation Tarran’s passion for entrepreneurial leadership has seen her undertake mentoring, training and ongoing study with some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs. 

Tarran has done all the heavy lifting to help organisations and companies with big values, to shift the way their Leaders approach change, communicate more effectively, build purposeful connections and increase commercial agility As the CEO and Founder of Leadership Development Company “Corporate Cinderella”, Tarran brings Leaders together ‘corporately’ in ‘unity’ to achieve ‘cinderella’ or ‘transformational’ results. It’s a new spin on an old story, much like business today. 

This model of engagement utilises practical elements, humour, story-telling, facts, figures and futurist to prepare today's emerging, current and senior Leaders, to serve their customers today and tomorrow. 

Tarran's keynotes, plenary's and workshops are solidly established on the most current and emerging research, resources and innovations to inspire participation and performance. 

TARRAN'S EXPERTISE: As the 2018 Incoming PSA - Professional Speakers Australia National President, executive coach and change strategist to high performing Leaders at well known companies including BHP, Malaysia's Petronas, Australia's high impact charities BlueCare and Lifeline, along with Griffith University Business School and the University of Southern Queensland. 

Tarran is also a member of the Global Speakers Federation, National Speakers of America, Women Speakers Association and an Associate Fellow of Australian Institute of Management. 

That's a lot of content and learning to share with your audience. And she still prioritises being with her Church family at Ganggalah Australia and serving on the Speaking team and finding time to play and ride her gorgeous red Ducati Monster! Oh and we hadn't mentioned, Tarran is a former National Executive of leading Australian NFP "House With No Steps", with annual revenue of $55million during Tarran's service. 

Tarran has more than 43,000 real time hours in leadership across finance, training and development, tourism and community engagement. Tarran's also juggled the diversity divide with step family responsibilities and serving on not for profit Board Newlife Care GOLD COAST and has presented to more than 23,000 audience members since 2012

Tarran is also a contributing voice to the future of Not for Profit landscape, with international accounting firm, Grant Thornton (Australia) and Professional Speakers Australia 

Tarran’s Corporate Cinderella “Signature 7 Leadership Framework ©” inspires and equips men and women Leaders to attain: 

  • CLARITY - what’s important, your emotional intelligence, belief and values system, and .. just why are you here. #Decisionship 
  • CAPABILITY - renewed thinking of what’s possible and a declaration of commitment #Growth 
  • COMPETENCE - shifting from unconscious incompetence to professional development plans that are mapped against personal objectives and organisational goals #Skills 
  • CONNECTION - getting clear on personal values, placing value on diversity, valuing individual and organisational stakeholders #Connection 
  • COMMERCIALISATION - recognising the role the individual plays in the overall marketplace achievements of the business and organisation #Savvy 
  • CREDIBILITY - daring to believe in the value of the individual and group contribution to impact and influence positive change for greater good #Reputation 
  • CERTAINTY - the knowledge that comes with knowing one’s skills, passion and dedication are making a difference and that each person is responsible for their own job satisfaction. It is not the bosses responsibility to make us happy. #Certainty Why? So that each audience member may eliminate fear, maximise talent and accept responsibility for their performance and Life@Work. 


"Tarran you’ve been marvellous! Thank you so much for everything. This afternoon was awesome! Your presentation was brilliant, spot on, everyone loved it. You had a pretty tough gig at the end of the day but you kept us all energised and motivated and entertained. Thank you. We loved it! You kept everyone’s spirits up!"
- TEAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (Australia) 30th Anniversary Conference 

"Tarran is an accomplished presenter and workshop facilitator. She is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and has a great presentation style and delivery. Tarran is easy to work with and makes the event organisers job easy."

"Tarran's openness to helping the team and sharing her experiences and working with this team, refreshing. There's one thing I noticed, Tarran always takes time to know who we are in our business and that empowers us to do things better."

“Tarran's professional elegance and charisma shine like stars against a universe of wisdom, generosity and humanity. Tarran is both Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother! Tarran inspires innovation, helping me to be the change that I want to see within the workplace.
- ADRIAN LANGFORD #heforshe #ifnotmewho #diversity  

 "I loved Tarran’s presentation. You know, as leaders, we sometimes have to really dig in and lean in. Sometimes we have to go a little bit further than we think we can; than we’re comfortable with. Well, Tarran’s program shows us how. I loved it."
- SHEP HYKEN - President National Speakers Association of America 

"I would highly recommend Tarran Deane as a speaker for your next conference or event. Her knowledge is vast on leadership and branding, she is informative and easy to listen to, speaking in easy to understand language. What a powerhouse!”
- HAVE-A-FEED Shaz Harrison-Shaw 

"Imagine receiving a new appreciation of life's challenges, a deeper respect for others, and a stronger focus on personal values... Imagine gaining renewed inspiration and motivation to accept personal responsibility for leadership in work, life and family... Imagine awakening to a holistic view of, and approach to, a work-life balance that encourages evaluation and renewal of personal vision, goals and priorities... do this and you have a glimpse of the profound impact experienced when working with Tarran. Thank you Tarran, for sharing from the heart.” 


"My group session with Tarran was great. She offered some really practical advice to be able to put our skills into action, rather than just telling us what to do and leave us questioning what the next step is. Tarran is high energy and was able to engage us all in great conversation that inspired us and taught us to back one another on our journey." 


* Industries & Culturally Diverse Organisations Worked With Include * 

Churches, Women's Meetings, Indigenous Training Programs, Youth at Risk, Accounting, Engineering, Mining, Government, Education, Community, Church, Aged Care, Disability, Youth, Childcare, Peak Bodies, Association, Tarran’s most sought after Conference Topics are drawn from her “Signature 7 Leadership Framework ©”. 

For package conferences, international and interstate events, ask about customisation of topics to reflect your unique company or meeting objectives. We’d love to help!

CONTACT: Tarran Deane | +61 417 654305


  • International Departures - Brisbane International Airport to USA, Asia, New Zealand, Canada
  • Within Australia - Coolangatta Gold Coast Airport, Queensland

Tarran travels 2-3 x a year internationally and would love to consider your event on her itinerary. The following links are provided to help you secure a time to call: 

  • Schedule a Call with Tarran
  • or Email Tarran and her Team at info@tarrandeane.com 

We'd love the opportunity to serve!

Tarran Deane Speaking Topics

Online Leadership & 7th: Family Leadership

You have an online reputation; you know that, right? BUt... are you the one in charge of it? Are you being intentional with your online presence and safeguarding your character, content...

Posted by Tarran Deane on 10/28/2015

Speaking Leadership

#SPEAKING #LEADERSHIP The busyness of life@work can often lead to executives and entrepreneurs losing your 'voice'. Who's taking care of the Leaders? Who's taking to the community?...

Posted by Tarran Deane on 10/28/2015

Culture Leadership

Every organisation and company has a culture; be it by default or intention! In this key session Tarran highlights how to attract, captivate and amplify your company culture to better...

Posted by Tarran Deane on 10/28/2015

Strategic Leadership

Strategic partnerships, financial entanglements, organisational direction.... just where are you going and who are you working with? So many organisational leaders are scrambling,...

Posted by Tarran Deane on 10/28/2015

Personal Leadership ~ Overcoming the Identity Crisis

Why do people strive? Why do some flourish & others burnout? Why do some have vibrant relationships & others seem to go round the mountain? Wisdom confirms the more we know WHO we...

Posted by Tarran Deane on 10/28/2015

Toolbox Leadership

So, you've earned the promotion, you've gained the role, you're walking in your element - for the short term anyway! Well meaning employers & senior pastors are clever at identifying...

Posted by Tarran Deane on 10/28/2015

Tarran Deane Recommendations

Submitted by Ganggalah Church on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2018

Pastor Sandra Dumas

Tarran is a whip-smart, top class and professional conference speaker who adds significant value in her area of expertise. Her presentations are crafted, personalized and thought-provoking; touching each audience member and forcing them to confront their own attitudes to their future leadership development.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Hope Church Australia on Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Janine Allen, Senior Pastor

"MINISTRY Tarran delivered on the topic of ""Renewing the Mind"". Tarran was terrific and recieved positive feedback of her delivery methods. Tarran provided the participants with an extensive overview of the subject and an additional workbook resource for self paced development. Tarran is a ""Straight Talker"" who is well regarded by our leadership team"

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Newlife Uniting Church on Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Alan Banks, Director

Our audience responses are overwhelmingly positive every time Tarran speaks. Her commitment to detailed preparation is very evident as revealed in imaginative, humorous, thoughtful and practical presentations. Tarran adds to our standard of excellence in all we do

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Natalie & Ric Kelso on Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Natalie & Ric Kelso

Tarran has the ability to impart a powerful and positive message in an inspiring way. A competent communicator she knows her audience and can deliver an encouraging and relevant presentation. She achieves this not only with a large or small intimate audience but also especially with one on one personal relationships. You always walk away from a conversation with Tarran feeling built up, empowered with a sense of self confidence

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

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