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Insider Speaker Tips

Insider Speaker Tips

Organize with Trello


Do you keep losing the emails or details pertaining to your speaking events? Here's a powerful, but easy to use online tool, with an app, to help you get organized! I use Trello to digitally manage my 25-30 speaking events per year. This free project management software is easy to use. You can take notes during calls, copy and paste emails, upload speaker contracts, upload documents from the host or event planner and store travel information. Everything that you need is kept in one Trello file so that you can be organized, relaxed and well-prepared for your events.

Overcoming Jitters


The first time I spoke in public I was shaking in my shoes, literally. My 80’s style, long red pencil dress was flapping like a distress flag at sea! I went to God’s Word for help and found Psalm 45:1, “My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the King.” For almost twenty years, I’ve been running these words through my mind as I’m introduced. They instantly put me at ease. It’s not about me! I’m just God’s instrument sharing His story with a hungry audience.

How to Relax On-Stage


I've found the key to being more relaxed on stage as keynote speaker. I now give myself permission to go "off script;" and I forgive myself when I do so. What I used to view as a mistake in my presentation, I now see as an opportunity to be more spontaneous with the audience. And, when I'm relaxed, they're relaxed, we have a better time together, and I'm also reminded "it's not about me." It's about the message in those Holy Spirit lead moments. Relax to communicate better!

How to Get Invited Back


Tip from Maggie Wallem Rowe

Would you like to be an in-demand guest? As a university speech instructor and a 30 year professional speaker, I've often coached authors and speakers on how they can score repeat invitations for radio, TV shows, podcast interviews and live programs. My #1 tip? Listener value! What can you share about your topic that will meet the needs of the listeners the program serves? Keep a card handy on which you've jotted down 3-5 key points that can make a difference in someone's day. Your job is not to promote your ministry - a good host will do that. Instead, make your comments pithy, audience-centered, and animated. Research the program ahead of time and listen to past interviews. Above all, love your listeners!

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