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How to Host Hybrid Women's Events

How to Host Hybrid Women's Events

It's time to host your own Hybrid Women's Events, and here's how!

Step 1. Watch the "Host Your Own Hybrid Event" Tutorial Video at https://youtu.be/YshRER6bH4Q

  • Description of a Hybrid Event and why it is your best option for your WM for 2021 engagement. 
  • The April 10th sample/example hybrid event opportunity and your options for involvement. 
  • Explanation of the inclusions of this training.
  • How to move forward by faith into your God-sized 2021.

Step 2. Watch the "Create Your Own Meet-Up Room" Tutorial at https://youtu.be/3wFqRbNdWjA

  • Go ahead! Experiment! Create a Meet-Up room of your own.
  • If you have any issues, watch "Troubleshooting" (3 minutes)
  • Watch the 90 second "How to Master a Meet" Video
  • Play around. Invite a friend. Get comfortable.
  • Your event will have at least one room and host, maybe more.

Step 3. Download the FREE Planning Guide. [PDF] [Word.doc]

Step 4. Download the FREE Publicity Templates. [See all options HERE]

Step 5. Register to participate in Marnie's "example/sample" event on April 10th.

  • Attend as a guest, just to see what it's like. [Get Free Ticket]
  • Host your own private home party with friends or leadership teammates. [Ticket]
  • Host Meet-Up Rooms for your church women. [Church Ticket]


  • Plan your own Hybrid Event! Find an awesome speaker from the over 1200 amazing, godly women speakers available right here at www.WomenSpeakers.com

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