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Posted by Natalie Hanson on 02/08/2022

The S.O.A.R. Method Coaching Course

Discover the hopes and plans God has for your life—ones filled with purpose and impact—and not only as a Mom but as His beloved and precious daughter. Imagine:

  • Releasing lies that hold you back and waking up with the confidence to mother without guilt or shame.
  • Finding your best friend, the One who helps you find your heart's desires.
  • Discovering your purpose as Mom and as daughter of the King.
  • Being filled and led with joy, peace, love, hope, and grace.
  • Taking care of your whole self and igniting deep connection with and faith in your children.

Going through The S.O.A.R. Method Coaching course not only will begin to empower you to step off the ledge of uncertainty and fear, unfurl your wings and soar in the beauty of your divine purpose in all areas of your life, but it also will enrich your relationships, nurture deep, lasting connection with your children, and equip you to have powerful impact on the next generation of believers.

This course is designed to guide women from places of uncertainty, insecurity, and unsteadiness to places of clarity, courage, and strength in all areas of their lives so they can discover their divine identity and purpose, live their dreams with passion, commit to a life of intention and unity with God, and band together as sisters in Christ to positively impact the world and build up the next generation of believers. 

The S.O.A.R. Method Coaching Course


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