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Posted by Karen McCracken on 10/06/2023

Running on E'

It's time to stop running on empty and fuel up!

Are your tired? Dragging yourself out of bed every morning? Feeling hollow, empty and looking for something to fill you up? Are you like millions of women today…feeling like you’re just running on empty?

What are you being refueled by? Television, movies, sex, gossip, the cyber world; fantasy, food, vanity, alcohol, money? Many women today, are Running On E ', using anything and everything they can to try to fill themselves up just to get through another day. The use of quick-fix filthy fuels is causing damage, addiction and destruction to the Body of Christ.

Running On E' shares with you the candid reality of many women’s plight and fight to stay fueled up in a world that is fast-paced, more demanding and more intense than ever before.

Christian Speaker and Author, Karen McCracken, pulls no punches as she lays out the realities of filthy fuels, selfishness and vanity. Sharing part of her own fight to keep from Running On E', she also shares Biblical principles, tips and humor to help guide women into a deeper understanding and discernment of what Godly fuels are and how to gain reformation and restoration through the Lord. 

Running on E'


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