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Arla Caraboolad

Christian Speaker
Love's Playbook
Simi Valley California 93065

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Good choices make a good life.

Good choices make a good life.

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Name Love's Playbook
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Simi Valley, CA 93065
United States

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  • 1959
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  • The Place Newbury Park, CA
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More About Arla Caraboolad

Arla Caraboolad's new series, Love's Playbook, is the Bible told as a story from a female, family-systems, cosmic-war, good-God perspective. Whew!

Why? The Bible was written by men, who use few words, were mostly warriors, and who focus on facts with little or no explanation or emotion. She believes God's story should and could engage us and make us want to keep reading! 

Beginning with episode 1, God decides to go ahead with our creation even though a cosmic war between good and evil has begun. It moves on through two books on Genesis, then Job, a simplified version of the oldest and most celebrated literary work. Next is Exodus, and to date book 6, Cosmic Crisis, goes through Deuteronomy and is out! The one that says God's laws keep us! If you have wanted to read the Bible but got bogged down, couldn't understand, or it scared you, (like it did her) this series is for you! It's full of research along with imagination to reveal the truth of an all-good God, in a fun and easy-to-read story version. You can always check out the facts, most of them are in the notes. Enjoy falling in love with a new picture of God.

Bio: Arla's first job after college was teaching high school English and math at the women's prison in California (1972). There, the question she heard most, "If there is a loving God, why did He allow what happened to me as a child?" begin 40 years of research about why we suffer, and culminated in her first book, The Worst Evil--Losing Yourself (2011). It is about how evil tries to keep us from finding our true selves--the selves God created and wants us to become.

Her adventure, after marriage, motherhood, and divorce, continued with going back to graduate school and becoming a Family Systems Therapist in 1987. Her goal is to make huge, difficult topics simple, and to help people find their true selves in an authentic relationship with God who, by the way, is all good. Why emphasize that? We all would say we know it, but we don't live or talk like it!

Born in Minnesota, Arla married there in 1978, and had her daughter. This was after being transplanted to Southern California in 1972, from Lincoln, Nebraska, where she grew up and graduated from college. 

While in Minnesota she owned a natural foods restaurant from 1976-79. Health had become another passion, leading to her children's book Tommy Tortoise, and recently both an e-book and workbook version of Love Losing. It changes your focus from your looks to your health--wholly and reasonably. That's how she lost 30 lbs. and never thought about weight again. She exercised on a mini trampoline for 25 years! And says, anyone can get on a trampoline for 5 min. a day. If they can get a want to. (And that comes from God for the asking.)

She moved back to California with her daughter in 1982 after a divorce. She says that is when she really learned to trust God, living as a single parent on $200 a month. She went back to school at Loma Linda University and earned a Masters degree in Family Life.

She remarried Richard and became a step-mom to two more children. More experience and education. She was licensed as an MFT in California in 1992. And now celebrates nine grandchildren! Arla keeps up with two blogs that post on her websites. One is her perceptions on a variety of topics, the other is the life of Jesus in a year--called "Know God in a Year," or "God-in-Box--Your Inbox" from Godhelps.net

Arla Caraboolad Speaking Topics

The Gospel according to Ruth

God loves beautiful love stories! And this one He uses to give us the most beautiful and clear version of the gospel there is. It answers every question coming from the Old Testament....

Why a Good God Permits Suffering

This is the story of the beginning of evil. Drawing from Biblical allusions to Satan and from commentaries and sources like Paradise Lost, Arla, a family-systems therapist has imagined...

Why Women are Special to God

Did you know that women are special to God? I believe it. There is evidence of it all through the Bible. For one, Ruth is the clearest, sweetest, and in my mind most complete...

Atonement is "At-One-Ment"

Rightly understood, the whole Bible has one message: God is all good and wants us to live with Him forever, beginning now! He wants us to learn to live in His presence now!Did you...

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