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Marlene Salcher

Christian Speaker
Christian Woman Speaker at Declaring His Praises
San Antonio Texas 78256

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Preparation alone in private with God makes presentation in public possible.

Preparation alone in private with God makes presentation in public possible.

Contact Information

Name Declaring His Praises
Position Christian Woman Speaker
Online Social Profiles
San Antonio, TX 78256
United States

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1964
  • Home Church
  • Community Bible Church, San Antonio
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More About Marlene Salcher

Author: God Speaks to Me: Tuning into the Living God, writing the second book, Little Girl, Why Are You Hiding? 

Speaker, Mentor, Award-winner in the inspirational category for Writers Digest Competition, Ladies Bible study leader, Roaring Lambs team member,  Founder of Five Stones writers group, Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Education

I came to know Jesus Christ at the age of eleven and left home at seventeen telling my parents, "I'm off to see the world." I was a "country bumpkin" and thought seeing the world was seeing Texas. Little did I know I would marry Val at nineteen and then travel the world with him the next forty-four years. We have four children, eleven grandchildren and have faced numerous challenges through which God has personally taught us about Himself. 

I was once told my name means myrrh, "a living fragrance, a gift given to Jesus." I tell them, "Yes, I can be a living fragrance, or I can be a little stinker, depending on whose got control." 

My passion is to communicate, demonstrate, and motivate women to love the Lord Jesus Christ and live out HIs Word in their daily lives. 

Previous opportunities:  Lifeway Break-Out sessions, Speaking at an Operation Outcry retreat, Thelma Wells' Daughters of Zion Mentoring Leadership curriculum and a retreat with her, a member of the Business and Professional Toastmasters for 8 years, Christian Leaders and Speakers Seminar with Marita Littauer, Proverbs 31 She Speaks, Carol Kent's Speak Up, Founder and Director of Janet Thompson's Woman to Woman Mentoring Ministry in my local church for 2 years. 

"Marlene is an outstanding woman who loves the Lord, her family, church, and ministry with all her heart. She is a gifted writer, speaker, counselor, mentor, and friend and is very passionate about ministry." Robert Emmitt, Pastor Emeritus, Community Bible Church, San Antonio, Texas 


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Published Author

Marlene Salcher Speaking Topics

Letting Go of the Old Life and Reaching for the New

 What are you holding onto in your life that may be hindering you from the life God has for you? Are you stuck and what steps you do need to take to get free? Marlene knows what...

Posted by Marlene Salcher on 05/19/2017

The Broken Doll

 Have you ever felt like a broken doll, beyond repair, thinking no one would ever want anything to do with you? Watchman Nee once wrote, “…there is just one basic...

Posted by Marlene Salcher on 05/19/2017

Warriors That Win

  Do you feel mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually weak? Then you are a good candidate for God to train about war. Everyone wants to be a winner, an overcomer,...

Posted by Marlene Salcher on 05/19/2017

Into the Deep

  What does it mean to go deeper with God? Are you willing to take greater risks? If so, what steps do you need to take in order to leave the shore of safety and sail off...

Posted by Marlene Salcher on 05/19/2017

From the Favor to the Fire

 What does it mean to go from God’s favor to the fire? Is there a purpose in both?  We all want God’s favor and we love it when He bestows it. But sometimes...

Posted by Marlene Salcher on 05/19/2017

Little Girl, Why Are You Hiding?

 What does it mean to hide? The World Book definition for hide is to conceal, cover up, to keep secret. Many women have been hurt in childhood, but have no idea how they are responding...

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Marlene Salcher Resources

God Speaks to Me? Tuning into the Living God

God Speaks to Me? is for those, like Marlene, who at times may question their ability to hear God speak. The excerpts of her personal encounters with God will communicate, demonstrate, and motivate others to love the Lord Jesus Christ and to live out His Word in their daily lives.  Fine Tune My Hearing, Lord Father, fine-tune my hearing And help me to see, You are calling; calling for me. There are many voices on any given day  I just keep on rushing, hurrying on my way. You say You will speak. You say You will wait. The day’s almost gone, It’s getting very late....

Posted by Marlene Salcher on 05/19/2017

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