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Annette Hubbell Recommendations

Submitted by LifeHouse Theater on 09/13/2021

Wayne R. Scott

On Topic

The captivating artistry of Annette Hubbell is absolutely unique. Her talents on stage draw audiences into the amazing worlds, varied time periods and fascinating lives she re-creates. Annette may be consistently counted upon to be accurate, educational and thoroughly entertaining. She will surprise, delight and exceed expectations.

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Dot Nevarez

I have seen Annette's performances, and found them extremely engaging, informative, and challenging. She brings to life her characters with sets, costume, and voice, and selects from their stories some of the most intriguing facets of their lives. It was not only entertaining, but very thought provoking as well. I couldn't recommend more highly. Aside from her performances, she is personable, approachable, and an asset to any program where the goal is not only to entertain, but to capture hearts and minds. After the program I attended, their was a very long line waiting to speak with her, and she was unfailingly gracious.

Submitted by Palomar Health on 11/06/2020

Shelly Pinomaki

What an engaging speaker! I laughed, cried and was touched to the core. Her inspirational message about these amazing women, who were ordinary until God revealed His purpose in their lives, was simply amazing. I look forward to seeing her once again.

Submitted by Seeking Hope on 10/28/2020

Marilyn Wyman, Pastor Emeritus

We’ve had Annette back multiple times, and the attendance at these functions always increases when they know she’s coming. Annette brings these women to life and she makes us feel that we’ve actually got Harriet Beecher Stowe, or Corrie ten Boom or any of the others right there with us. We get a front row seat in a behind the scenes look at how these historical figures moved from ordinary to extraordinary—all through their faith in God. We don’t often get to see the role faith plays in the life of a world changer, and this is what made Annette’s portrayals so unique. I was spellbound—we all were. It’s a performance we will long remember.

Submitted by The Church At Rancho Bernardo, San Diego California on 09/30/2020