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Courtney Elmer

Christian Speaker
New Orleans Louisiana

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Stress LESS, Live MORE

Stress LESS, Live MORE

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New Orleans, LA

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1988
  • Home Church
  • St. Catherine of Siena
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  • Business Speaker, Conferences, Keynotes, Published Author, Retreats, Specialty Author, Trainer, Workshops
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More About Courtney Elmer

Courtney is a Lifestyle Strategist, Speaker, and Stress Expert dedicated to showing high-achieving women how to StressLESS and LiveMORE. 

After overcoming cancer at the age of 25, Courtney realized that life’s too short to waste any time feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. She walked away from her fast-paced career and answered God's "tug" on her heart to inspire and communicate to women everywhere that they are worthy of inner peace -- His peace! Courtney firmly believes God has created every woman with a unique power and purpose, and all women deserve to break free from the bonds of stress and overwhelm that hold them back from fulfilling God's mission and purpose in their lives.

As the creator and founder of The StressLESS System©️, Courtney specializes in showing busy women how to ditch the overwhelm, create order out of life’s chaos, and find their inner peace. She’s known for sharing simple, actionable steps to help them discover their purpose and embrace God's gift of life that’s in front of them right now. After all, “StressLESS, LiveMORE” is her motto!

Courtney teaches the StressLESS System© to clients nationally and internationally via digital group coaching programs, live events, and StressLESS Mastermind Retreats. She also speaks on stages nationwide and on podcasts globally, educating women on how to identify and eliminate the underlying causes of stress, overwhelm, and burnout and giving them insightful and effective strategies to StressLESS.

Courtney lives in New Orleans with her husband Alan and their son AJ, a surprise miracle baby following her cancer treatments. She enjoys spending time traveling and giving back, especially within her Church community as well as The Blooming Lily Foundation and its mission to empower young girls in underprivileged countries to reach their dreams. 

Last but not least, she can’t pass up dark chocolate and good cappuccino.

To learn more, connect with Courtney on Instagram @CourtneyElmer_ or on her website, CourtneyElmer.com 

Courtney Elmer Speaking Topics

The Surprising Truth About “Work-Life Balance”

We feverishly search for this elusive thing called “balance” like it’s the metric of success, because after all, to be “successful” means to have it all...

The 3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Women Make That Keep Them Stuck, Stressed and Spinning their Wheels

In a world where busy is a badge of honor and it’s a competition to see who feels more exhausted at the end of the day, this topic is needed now more than ever. Inside of this unique...

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Courtney Elmer Resources

How to Say "No" With Ease & Grace (and Protect the Time That's Yours in the First Place)

Imagine having so much extra time on your hands that you never have to wish for more hours in the day again. IF YOU LEARN THE ART OF THIS SINGLE SKILL, YOU’LL GO FROM OVERWHELMED AND OVERWORKED TO MASTER OF YOUR MINUTES IN NO TIME AT ALL! Inside, you’ll discover: My 5 foolproof scripts for saying no with ease in any situationThe weird reasons why these scripts work like magicHow to still say no... even to that nagging friend who won’t let you off the hook LEARN HOW TO CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR, BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY, AND GENERATE KILLER PROFIT THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK...

Posted by Courtney Elmer on 07/16/2019

The Ultimate Guide to Create TRUE Balance in Your Life & Business (Free Download!)

Download Your ULTIMATE StressLESS BALANCE BLUEPRINT©: 4 easy steps to create and cultivate *true* balance in your life and business. Inside this FREE StressLESS Balance Blueprint©, you'll discover unique and simple secrets like: How to redefine your relationship with balance so that you can experience more of itThe (surprising) things that are holding you back from feeling balanced4 simple steps to get the clarity you're craving Click the link below to download your FREE StressLESS Balance Blueprint© right now! courtneyelmer.com/balance-blueprint ...

Posted by Courtney Elmer on 07/16/2019

Discover Your Unique Productivity Personality (Take the Quiz!)

Hey there, high-achiever. Are you ready to discover your Productivity Personality and learn how to stay ridiculously focused so you can check more off your list? TAKE THE QUIZ BELOW TO FIND OUT YOUR UNIQUE PRODUCTIVITY PERSONALITY, AND GET YOUR {FREE} PERSONALIZED PLAN TO DITCH THE OVERWHELM, HIT YOUR GOALS, AND MAKE MORE MONEY - WITHOUT THE HUSTLE! https://www.courtneyelmer.com/take-the-quiz ...

Posted by Courtney Elmer on 07/16/2019

The FREE 5-Day Morning Routine Makeover Challenge

If you’ve been rushing through your days feeling scattered, feeling like you’re jumping all over the place, wishing you had more breathing room but don’t know where to find it, then you’re going to love the FREE 5-Day Challenge that I’ve created to help you give your Morning Routine a complete makeover! I’ll teach you how to better manage your energy output and consistently find a little more “me-time,” because if I had to guess: you probably start your day with the best of intentions — like most of us do! But by the time your head hits...

Posted by Courtney Elmer on 07/16/2019

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