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Darla Colinet

Christian Speaker
Fort Collins Colorado 80526

Rated 5/5 (2 Recommendations)
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To love like Christ, we need to know how to love in his love design.

To love like Christ, we need to know how to love in his love design.

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Fort Collins, CO 80526
United States of America

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  • 1971
  • Home Church
  • Timberline Church
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More About Darla Colinet

Darla Colinet is a transformational speaker, author, Bible teacher and consultant, who helps women, through Christ's love design, discover and eliminate the lies they've believed about true love and abuse.


Darla Colinet is the founder and CEO of God’s Transforming Grace. She is an inspirational speaker online and onstage, an author, life coach, online course creator, and consultant who dispels the confusion and lies about true love and domestic abuse through God’s truth and Christ’s exceptional love design. 

Darla brings hope, insightful revelations, and practical strategies through her authentic personal stories from overcoming thirty years of domestic abuse in three marriages. When she’s not serving God from her home in Colorado, she and her husband, Alan, are off on their travel adventures.

Darla had two guest keynotes and several interviews for the online summit, 4 Habits to Transform Your Marriage, in 2019. She is a certified life coach and Christian coach, a member of the women’s ministry core team at Timberline Church in Colorado. Darla is a consultant for churches and their staff to understand how to live in Christ’s exceptional love design and to recognize and support victims of domestic abuse. 

Look for Darla’s new book, A Quest for Exceptional Love, Transform your love and relationships through Christ’s love design, and workbook to be released soon on Amazon soon.


Darla Colinet Recommendations

Submitted by St. Peter's Anglican Church, Loveland CO, Member on Wednesday, Apr 08, 2020

Margaret Kellums, retired elementary school teacher

April 8, 2020. Our church women were delighted to welcome Darla Colinet as our retreat leader a few years ago. She is a very Spirit-filled, caring, joyful, God blessed, organized, gifted and talented leader and minister for the Lord and His people--as well as author. We highly recommend Darla as an excellent, sensitive to the needs of others, retreat leader. May God bless Darla and her work for Him as she reaches out to lead others in the Way of the Lord--with His healing power, wisdom and strength. MK

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Submitted by Timberline Church on Wednesday, Apr 08, 2020

Leigh Ann Dilley, Women's Ministry Director

Darla is passionate in helping others re-educate themselves about what they have learned about love. Once they understand what perfect love (Christ's love) looks like they will be more successful in the ways the give and receive love from others. She speaks clearly about boundaries and could truly set a course to move others towards healthier relationships.

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Darla Colinet Speaking Topics

Victim to Victorious: Empowering Personal Transformation

Darla shares insightful revelations and practical strategies she found in Christ’s love to turn her life around from a victim of a date-rape at fifteen, three abusive Christian...

Is True Love Real?

Darla’s Colinet’s relentless quest to find true love led her into three abusive Christian marriages and divorces. During her Christian women’s group and church speaking...

Precautions and Facts as the Pandemic of Domestic Abuse Encounters the COVID-19 Pandemic

Darla has a two-fold message as the COVID-19 Pandemic further isolates and endangers people caught in the cycle of Domestic Abuse.First, she explains how COVID-19 Pandemic exacerbates...

Darla Colinet Events

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Darla Colinet Resources

Who's Writing Your Life Story? Will It End Happily-Ever-After?

You are the author of your life! Your history and the challenges you face don’t dictate your future chapters or final sentences when you walk hand-in-hand with Jesus Christ. Who’s Writing Your Life’s Story? Shows Christians the source and solution to their frustration, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and powerlessness through God’s word. You learn how to use His wisdom and Scripture to help you overcome the challenging internal battle between your sinful desires and spirit. You learn how to use God’s armor to prevent the enemy from using your ultimate human needs, wounds,...

Posted by Darla Colinet on 04/14/2020

What is Abuse and What Does God Say about Abuse

Information and domestic abuse and violence resources on this website were created to help all victims of abuse, especially those who are Christians or “Christ-followers.” It was created to help and inform domestic violence victims, survivors, their friends, families, caregivers, and employers to understand the realities of abuse and how to help the victims. The information, resources, and Christian advice about domestic abuse and violence on this website are not intended to take the place of professional counseling or advice. ...

Posted by Darla Colinet on 04/14/2020

Memoir Under the Staircase: Hearing God's Voice in the Darkness

Under the Staircase: Hearing God’s Voice in the Darkness is a spiritually stirring memoir of one woman’s journey to find her self-worth despite the obstacles put in her path by her parents, her abusive husband of thirteen years and herself. Her mother’s depression and her father’s long absences in her childhood left her feeling disconnected and abandoned. In a life-altering moment at age six, Darla found herself in complete despair. In the darkness, she heard the voice of her heavenly Father promising He would never leave her—a promise that became the unshakeable...

Posted by Darla Colinet on 04/14/2020

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