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Christy Johnson

Christian Speaker
Edmond Oklahoma 73013

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Forgiveness is the most beautiful accessory you'll ever wear!

Forgiveness is the most beautiful accessory you'll ever wear!

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Position Christian Woman Speaker
Online Social Profiles
Edmond, OK 73013
United States

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  • 1975
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More About Christy Johnson

A microphone is like a stick of dynamite in Christy’s hand. As a soul-health coach, popular national speaker and founder of Living Soul, Christy's story of surviving domestic abuse and the tragic death of her youngest son leaves audiences riveted. 

In 1998, Christy’s life took a dramatic turn after the death of her two-year old son, Jake, who died in a tragic car accident while her ex-husband was driving under the influence of several narcotics. In the midst of her darkness, however, Christy found hope. She often relates, “Every shard of pain prepared me for my purpose. I knew my destiny the day my son died.” 

Fueled by a passion to see other women set free, Christy set aside her career in banking to begin writing and speaking. Audiences respond instantly to her warm personality, but when they hear her story they witness the undeniable power of God in the midst of tragedy. Christy’s journey through abuse and forgiveness gives her a unique boldness, authenticity and authority to challenge other women to race after their own freedom and find healing for their souls. 

Christy is the author of Love Junkies, 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle and has several stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul. Her video teaching series created for Love Junkies is used in over 60 small discipleship groups nationwide and in Canada. 

Christy Johnson Speaking Topics

Beautifully Broken, Activating God’s Power and Purpose over your Pain

Seeing the beauty beyond life’s drama and trauma hasn’t always come naturally to Christy. Running from the dysfunctional and alcoholic home that she grew up in, Christy...

The Secrets of Esther, Divine Principles that Deliver God's Favor

Winning favor has more to do with divine influence than ability. Without even saying a word, learn how to tap into God’s power and activate the secrets of divine favor that will...

A Door of Hope, Establishing Hope in the Midst of Chaos

Adversity has a purpose—it can either make or break us. God intends adversity for our good, but so often we resist. Without tribulation to perfect us, we cannot develop patience,...

In the Meantime, The Place Between your Dream and Destiny

Nobody likes the meantime, the place in the middle—the place between the before and after picture where all the blood, sweat and tears mix together like an April Fool’s...

Christy Johnson Events

Christy Johnson Resources

No Longer Controlled, Ripping the Mask off Manipulation

Women today are plagued by an unseen enemy that strips them of their power and silences their voice. Its name is manipulation, but it masquerades as love. The resulting emotional abuse causes wounds that leave behind invisible but crippling scars. It’s time to stop the cycle of pain. Controlled unveils the different ways abusive men use charm, guilt and deceit in romantic relationships and provides women strategies to get their voice and confidence back. ...

Posted by Christy Johnson on 07/20/2017

Finding Strength Through Forgiveness

I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes love hurts! And when it does, most women I talk to have a hard time letting go. That's why I wrote my latest ebook,  Finding Strength through Forgiveness .  Forgiveness is hard, but it is the one thing that will set you free! ...

Posted by Christy Johnson on 07/20/2017

Love Junkies teaching series

Watch the 9 session video teaching series at http://www.christyjohnson.org/video-teaching-series/ Love U for Love Junkies helps determined women—women just like you—find the freedom they need to prosper in life, love and relationships. Since you can’t pour from an empty cup, improving your soul health is vital, but it's easy to do when your soul finds liberty in seven key areas. Based on the acronym IF-I-PRAY, these 7 areas are: Identity Forgiveness Imagination Prayer Resolve Accountability Yes ...

Posted by Christy Johnson on 07/20/2017

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