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Christina Woollen

Christian Speaker
360 Marketing Coach and Consultant for Christian Coaches
Charlotte North Carolina 28210

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Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!

Contact Information

Name 360 Marketing Coach and Consultant for Christian Coaches
Charlotte, NC 28210
United States of America

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Myers Park United Methodist Church
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Experienced (over 10 events)
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More About Christina Woollen

“Well rounded, enthusiastic Charlottean who has a zest for life and people.”

God gifted me with the ability to think creatively outside the box and bring positivity, inspiration, and motivation to people. I have a BSBA in International Marketing with over 25 years of experience. Becoming a certified Christian Life Coach was the first step to advancing my career and owning my own business. I currently work from home and love asking curious questions that lead clients through a thought-provoking, God-centered process. A process designed to accept their God-given talents and ambitions. To empower. To encourage. To Grow.

Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task. Many say it feels like jumping out of an airplane. It’s exhilarating and risky, for sure! We all need a little nudge, confidence booster and really just to lighten up a bit. Back in 1993, I gave my first speech to a crowd of 500 graduating Business Majors. Nervous can not EVEN begin to describe my state of nerves.  I fumbled and actually said..."And remember class of 1989, YOU...WILL...NOT.....i mean you will.....SUCCEED!!!!  

RED FACE...buckling knees as I looked out and saw my peers with mouths wide open, some even laughing. Then.. I looked in the front row and saw my dad there BEAMING. When I was little performing in the church choir, he would always make my day with a loving "You make me so PROUD, my buttons popped off!" (I think now it may have been too many icecream cones and snickers!!) At any rate, there he was and I LIGHTENED up, grounded my feet and finished with a big smile and loud applause. 

I love sharing. I love motivating. I love story-telling and helping others. God created this drive in me. Let me motivate your audiences to dare to dream, do what they were created to do. We all have obstacles. For me, I lived with ADD undiagnosed, asked for a divorce, raise two teenagers as a single mom, had a stroke and blah, blah, blah. Every little gripe is loaded with an abundance of gratitude, personal growth and daring to do more than I ever thought I would or could.

AND you know what? We only live once. God placed a burning desire in your heart. Are you going for it...or do you stuff it down in the corner of your heart just going through the motions? Let's talk about this. Let's plan for more. Let's DO THIS!