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Alberta Landry

Christian Speaker
Beaumont Texas 77703

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"I live and breath and have my being because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"

"I live and breath and have my being because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"

Contact Information

Position Christian Woman Speaker
Beaumont, TX 77703
United States of America

Speaking Ministry Details

Salvation Date
Home Church
Christ Outreach Discipleship Ministries, Inc.
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Full Time (over 20 events per year)
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More About Alberta Landry

Dr. Alberta B. Landry, D.B.C., Th. D., pastor

Bio General Information:

I.  Born, December, 1951 and raised in the city of Beaumont, Texas. She is married to Apostle Dr. James “Jim” Landry for 29 years. She is a mother of two, a stepmother of three and a grandmother of twelve. She co-pastor’s with her husband at Christ Outreach Discipleship Ministries, Inc. 2894 Magnolia Street Beaumont, TX 77703.                                                    

II. Salvation Experience: She has been in church all her life. Baptized at the age of seven under the leadership of Pastor Moses at Oak Grove Baptist Church, Beaumont, Texas. At the age of thirteen personally asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of her life. She truly committed to know Him and dedicated her life to the Lord in 1981. She received the infilling of the Holy Spirit in 1982 with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

III. Licensed & Ordained: 

          1988 - Pastor Petty Ministries San Antonio, TX  

          1992 - Christ Centers 950 Sunnyside Beaumont, TX  77707     Pastor Harlan Deem - under the Apostleship of Norman Parish                                                                                                                Continental Ministry Crusade, Inc., Guatemala, Central America  Pastor Alberta has acquired her Associates and Bachelor’s Degrees in Theology from the Christian Church of Port Arthur Theology School. She acquired her Master and Doctor degrees in Biblical Counseling and Doctor of Theology from Oval Bible College of Lawrenceville, GA. and presently working on her Doctorate in Religious Education.

IV. Church Service:

   Choir Service: From age 7 years until now

   Mission Service: Oak Grove Baptist Church; Johnson Memorial Baptist Church; East     Mount Olive Baptist Church; Borden Chapel Baptist Church;; Christian Outreach Ministries, Silsbee, TX and Christ Outreach Discipleship Ministries Beaumont, TX

   Teacher: Johnson Memorial Baptist; East Mount Olive Baptist Church; Bethlehem Holy Temple in Silsbee, Texas; Christian Outreach Ministries Silsbee, TX and Christ Outreach Discipleship Ministries Beaumont, TX

Elder: 1983 -1987 Bethlehem Holy Temple Silsbee, TX  Pastor A. B. and Gladys Collins    

   Co-Pastor:1988-1991  Jesus Christ Is Lord Ministries  Beaumont, TX 77703      

   Co-Pastor: 1998 -2007 Christian Outreach Ministries   Silsbee, TX  77656                                

   Pastor: 1991 - present Christ Outreach Discipleship Ministries   Beaumont, TX vice

Pastor Alberta Landry has been and is presently active in the Church: In the choir, usher board, missions and assistant clerk, assistant secretary and treasurer. She loves giving and is active with various foods and clothing drives for the homeless, women and children and senior citizens;                          

Through WAGP, She coordinated visits to nursing homes in Beaumont and Silsbee, TX, fellowships at area Beaumont, TX Senior Citizens Assisted Living Centers and Housing Apartment Complexes.

She is or has been in partnership with Feed the Children Organization, the Prison Fellowship Organization, Marilyn Hickey Ministries, Disabled Veterans, Gospel for Asia Ministries, Voice of the Martyrs International Ministries, A Call to Character Ministries (Overseer Dr. Esther Mathews, and Women of Hope (Overseer Pastor Jessie Lee Freeman).

She is the coordinator for the Sunday morning services at the Abused Women and Children’s Shelter, where Elder Carolyn Caldwell and she are the teachers. She holds a Monday morning Bible Study twice a month at the Beaumont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Beaumont, TX.

She is the Treasurer, event coordinator and an intercessor for the Texas International Spiritual Warfare Team and its yearly “Iron Sharpens Iron” Conference.

Both Dr. Jim and Dr. Alberta Landry have ministered nationally and internationally. Have hosted and taught at seminars, workshops and conferences on Spiritual Warfare, Healing, Abuse, Getting Free and Staying Free and other subjects in many cities in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, New York, Kentucky, and other states as well as in the West Indies and England. Presently we are moving into mentoring Spiritual Leadership with Pastors in India, Nigeria, Guatemala, Philippines and England.

Dr. Alberta has hosted several Conferences for women called “Tea Time With Jesus” with “WAGP” (Women Achieving God’s Promises) for 5 years and with L.O.V & E (Ladies of Valor and Excellence) for the last 3 years.

A former teacher with Texas Association of X-Offenders (TAX) at Gist Prison (under the leaders Pastors Felix and Silvann Broussard) and a counselor at the Leblanc Prison in the Beaumont, TX area.  Founder & Coordinator of HOTT (Hands Out To Touch) Ministry to the homeless; Treasurer & Asst. Secretary of The Texas International Spiritual Warfare Team                     Member of “COPE” (Coalition of Prison Evangelists)

 1994-1995 Derek Prince Ministries Bible Foundation Course  (Forty week course)  1997-1999 Marilyn Hickey Ministries Home Bible Study Classes; 2005-2006 Grace Ministries Home Bible Study Classes; 2006-2007 Online Bible Study Classes with Blue Letter Bible Ministries

2008- 2010 The Christian Church School of Theology

2010- 2013 Oval Bible College Lawrenceville, GA.

Pastor Alberta has complied and printed: The Spiritual Warfare Prayer Guide Booklet and a booklet titled: “Enemy #1” Do You Know Who Your Real Enemy Is?                                            

Pastor Alberta has a passion for the Lord and His Word. She knows that the Word of God is Truth and God’s Word is designed to make us free if we only believe it.

She loves God and the people of God. Her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is the most important thing to her. Her goal is to see Jesus in all of His glory. Knowing that she belongs to Him and that she is a child of the King will always be first in her life.

In the Everlasting Service of the Lord Jesus,

Dr. Alberta B. Landry, D.B.C., Th.D., Pastor

Christ Outreach Discipleship Ministries Beaumont, Texas