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Debi Trumbull Recommendations

Submitted by The Speaking Husky on 02/06/2023

Bill Boulton, Owner

On Topic

I have heard Debi make numerous effective speeches! Debi Trumbull is a great speaker, who is: Heartfelt, professional, caring, knowledgeable, interesting, and courageous. Debi speaks about—Living a full life after being abused as a child! Debi is a passionate advocate for children, families, and abuse survivors. The disciple of Jesus who I most relate to is Thomas. While I love great speeches, it is not words, but action that makes believe or disbelieve the words that come out of a speaker’s mouth. Here’s what I have seen from Debi since I met her almost two years ago—Consistent practice of The Golden Rule. Debi treats everyone in our group with dignity, love, and respect, regardless of personality, race, political beliefs, and all the other silly things that we sometimes use to divide ourselves as a society. To me, Debi exhibits Christ like love through her actions and behavior.

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Rene Gilliland, Member

Debi Trumbull has just the right blend of head and heart to make her an excellent choice for many different events. Her organization skills are beyond compare; she is always prepared, professional and presents even complex ideas in a way that audiences can connect with and remember. But it is her passion -- particularly for those who have struggled spiritually and emotionally due to childhood abuse -- that comes through most clearly. Debi's faith is a shining example of God's ability to bring joy and peace in the midst of life's storms ... and don't we all go through storms now and then?

Submitted by Jackson Way Baptist Church on 10/31/2022

Beverky Jones-Durr, Founder/CEO

Debi is an amazing woman! I first met her at Toastmasters where she could always be found helping developing speakers fine tune their communication skills with care and excellence. Her conversational approach to speaking puts listeners at ease and creates a unique experience for learning. Debi understands her audience and professionally lays out her presentation with clarity and grace. If you are looking for an outstanding speaker who will inspire, empower and move your audience to action... Debi Trumbull is the one you seek.

Submitted by Every Child Has A Story on 10/07/2021

Shirley Chupp, Minister Of Pastoral Counseling

Debi is a beacon of light for those who have experienced the pain of abuse. Her program "Healing a Wounded Heart" is a tremendous journey toward acceptance, grace forgiveness and ultimately - peace.

Submitted by Guntersville First United Methodist Church on 03/30/2020

Calvin Havens, Pastor

Debi grew up experiencing the pain and trauma of sexual abuse. It shaped her life negatively until she met Christ as a young adult. Since this defining transformation she has made it her life’s goal and passion to minister to those who have endured similar situations. She knows the power of healing prayer and has the gift of encouragement. Amazingly she has written a book where she is transparent about her life and all God has brought her through. She easily resonates with her audience especially those who have experienced hurts from trusted loved ones.

Submitted by Ford's Chapel United Methodist Church on 11/02/2015