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Posted by: Mel Kennedy on 07/19/2022

Your True Voice - A presentation for proclaimers of Scripture

In many lectionary based denominations, both ministers and laypersons are called upon to read aloud the scripture that is part of the service. Listening to scripture is much different then reading it. These faithful servants are called upon to proclaim the Good News!

This training presentation is an opportunity for new and veteran ministers and laypersons to enrich their spiritual and worship skills in sharing the Word of God with the community. It focuses on spiritual preparation as well as practical presentation techniques that help with the effective proclamation of scripture through spoken word.
Participants will explore ways to:

  • Be an instrument of God’s word.
  • Proclaim and led with confidence, authenticity, and respect.
  • Honor their role in the service and perform it effectively.
  • Enhance (rather than distract from) the ritual of the worship.
  • Be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to allow for spiritual conversion.

Dr. Mel works with these servants of God as a group in an interactive presentation. Her practical approach has helped proclaimers of scripture across the country become more effective in fulfilling their role and deepen their own spiritual journey. Her unique approach of encompassing a variety of approaches and suggestions empowers and assists these proclaimers to faithfully and confidently share God’s saving word. 

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