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Posted by: Deb Potts on 10/12/2023

Your Real-Life Story

What is your real-life story? 

If you created a timeline of your life, you'd probably include significant dates like graduations, weddings, births, etc. But what would your timeline look like if God created it? What significant events would God include in your real-life story?

Join Deb and Bruce Potts and discover how to identify the spiritually significant moments in your life, called Kairos moments. They will enable you to answer the two important questions for every Kairos moment and how your answers can change the direction of your life. 

The Potts' will inspire you to tell your real-life story, because God loves a good story, and your story may not be complete until you tell it. 

Deb and Bruce experienced a shocking and desperate medical situation which became the basis for their novel, Love on Life Support. They will be sharing their real-life story and equipping you to tell yours. 

This presentation is appropriate for a couples event, a mixed audience, or for a women's event. It can be done in a workshop format with time for guests to share their stories with each other. 

Deb and Bruce Potts. Marriage Mentors, www.debpotts.com

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