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Posted by: Kelly Thoreson on 11/03/2023

Wonders of Worship

"To respond to all that God is and does with all that I am and do."

In my Wonders of Worship Workshop training, worship teams will benefit from my 40-plus years of worship ministry experience.  I've done it all: 

  • Led, followed, toured, recorded, rehearsed, and caused a few musical trainwrecks along the way! 
  • I've been through the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly 'stuff' of ministry. 
  • Led worship around campfires and in mega-churches of 20,000. 
  • I've worshiped overseas and in local prisons, homeless shelters, and nursing homes.
  • My FAVORITE times of worship are singing songs like "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" with my hubby before we drift off to sleep!

Does Jesus have a favorite style of worship? Yep! He likes the "spirit and truth" variety. He is seeking those who will worship Him with a spirit of humility and submission.  And the 'truth' plumbline He demands keeps us from worshiping golden calves and the Jesus-is-my-boyfriend type of songs prevalent in much of today's offerings. 

This session will address the HEART OF WORSHIP as well as PRACTICAL aspects of forming teams, rehearsals, auditions, creating community, and worship planning. I'll help leaders learn how to encourage, protect, and lead their teams and congregations well. 

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