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Posted by: Simone Ascoli on 06/11/2019

Women of Influence

I share the testimony of receiving a powerful revelation from God about the identity, power, leadership skills, and influence that women carry. We are all leaders and I provide scriptural proof to this fact using stories within the bible of Adam & Eve, Debrah, Esther, Jezebel, Sarah, and Mary the mother of Jesus. I teach women that we have to be very careful about how we choose to use our power and influence with people including our husbands because we can make or break them easily. When women leave an event after hearing this message it allows them to fill empowered, important, edified, exhorted, and extremely conscience on how they can positively begin to shape their individual influence to build up their families, children, marriages, workplaces, churches, and the world!

This is one of my favorite messages :)