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Posted by: Karen McCracken on 10/02/2023

Woman Stand Firm

Are you standing firm in your God-given identity? In this session, Karen addresses your deepest fears, clear steps toward confidence in Christ, and how to walk out with your feet, feelings, and future firmly planted on solid ground.  


Women today struggle in their search for an identity. Social media, constantly changing cultural norms, and secular forces tell women what they should believe and feel. 

Woman Stand Firm is a message that is inspiring and encouraging women who are lost, hurting, wondering who they are, and what their purpose is. Often times we're told we're not enough or we're too much. The hurt we feel, the roles we play, the titles we earn, and the labels we wear are not our true identity. 

I'd love to come gently and humorously encourage and equip change in the thinking that compels women to become something other than who they were born to be. This session will point them straight back to the arms of Jesus. 

Using passages including 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, they'll leave ready to: 

  • Be on guard. 
  • Stand firm in the faith. 
  • Be courageous and strong.
  • Do everything with love.

This is one of my favorite talks because women grasp hold of who they are in the Lord and leave ready, excited and able to stand firm!


Based on Karen's Amazon best-selling book released in 2023, Woman Stand Firm is a timeless message for women of all ages and stages. Grab a copy now at https://amzn.to/46auC7T

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